Park 80 West Parking Garage


Parking Structures


Saddle Brook, NJ


L&L Holding Company, LLC

  • Parking Garage Repair & Maintenance
  • Concrete Spall & Crack Repair
  • Expansion Joint Replacement
  • Traffic-bearing Waterproofing Membrane Repair
  • Post-tension Anchor Repair
  • Sealant Removal & Replacement
  • Deck Coating Application

Parking structures are subject to some of the harshest conditions of any real estate structure. Above ground garages are subject to extreme thermal cycles. Such elements are especially prevalent in the Northeast. These extreme cycles cause concrete and sealants to fail over time. Valcourt Building Services was asked to provide repairs to many of the components of this parking garage that serves the premier Park 80 West office park, while keeping the structure open and operational because adjacent buildings were fully occupied.


By working closely with the property management team from L & L Holding Company, Valcourt developed a production schedule and plan that allowed for minimal disruption to the Park 80 West tenants while completing the project within a reasonable time period. One of the more challenging issues was replacing the expansion joint that runs continuously across the deck in one solid extrusion. Another challenge involved the close coordination of the repair of the post-tension cable anchor which, if handled incorrectly, could cause serious property damage and/or bodily injury. Valcourt completed the entire garage restoration work at Park 80 West safely and on time.

Park 80 West & Parking Garage — Saddle Brook, NJ