Industry Leadership

Stefan Bright


Stefan Bright has been involved in safety for the window cleaning and building maintenance industries over forty years. After managing a commercial window cleaning company in Pennsylvania for nearly two decades, he migrated to creating and delivering workplace safety training programs which include the International Window Cleaning Association’s (IWCA) safety and training program and online safety certification courses. From that point forward, Stefan has been turning educational principles into reality by designing and install- ing fall protection equipment and systems on commercial office and residential buildings.

He has held the position of Safety Director for the International Window Cleaning Association since 1993 and also serves as the technical director for the International Window Cleaner Safety Certification Program. He is also the coordinator for the OSHA and IWCA Alliance and actively participates on the OSHA Construction Roundtable for Fall Protection.

Stefan was the sole chairman of the ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 Window Cleaning Safety Committee which developed and published a national safety standard that became the industry’s most recognized standard practice of care. The Standard; published in 2001, was one of the leading source documents used by OSHA during the development and release of the newly revised OSHA regulations on ladders, fall protection and rope descent systems.

His passion and focus on the development and delivery of safety training to the window cleaning industry and the design and installation of fall protection and rigging systems, has helped to produce a forty percent reduction in fatalities and accidents over the last twenty years. For this and other notable accomplishments in the field of workplace safety, he was recognized by the American Society of Safety Engineers as the recipient of the 2014 Triangle Award for his Heroic Dedication to Safety.