What Is Involved in a Commercial Building Water Leak Investigation & Repair Service?

Sep 16, 2021

Of all the components of a commercial building that property managers must pay attention to, the waterproofing seal ranks as one of the most critical of all. The building envelope protects the inside of the building from damage caused by water intrusion. Knowing how to find a water leak in a commercial building and how to identify and correct issues sooner rather than later can significantly impact the building’s stability and the safety of employees and visitors alike.

Where Do Commercial Building Envelope Water Leaks Occur?

Routine inspections and professional testing and evaluations are critical steps in the building maintenance and management process. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory estimates that “asthma-related medical costs attributable to mold and dampness exposure add up to roughly $3.5 billion each year, and this figure does not take into consideration other health effects building mold causes.”  As damage spreads, the problems will also increase in number and severity. So, building managers need to be aware of the critical places where moisture commonly occurs:

Water infiltration can cause premature deterioration of a building’s interior components, significantly depreciating the value and posing a severe risk to health and safety in extreme cases. Protecting against water intrusion with innovative services and building envelope restoration must be the primary focus of building management personnel at all times.

Trial by Water and Air: How to Find an Envelope Water Leak in a Commercial Building

Field inspectors follow a set of specific procedures established by industry standards and record the results of all onsite tests. They check for air, water, and moisture intrusion at various levels and locations in the building. Knowing where these potential problems areas pop up can help maintenance teams tailor inspections and follow-up efforts to focus on those vital spaces. These sorts of tests and assessments will demonstrate how to find a water leak in a commercial building and why building envelope water testing procedures keep buildings safe and structurally sound. 

Actual Steps of the Repair

One of the first questions building owners and managers consider upon finding potential problem areas is,  “does building insurance cover water leaks?” In most cases, the answer is yes, so long as specific criteria are met and every effort has been made to address and fix the issues. The five basic steps for repairing water leak issues to prevent further damage include:

Overcome Water Leaks in Apartments and Other Properties With the Right Building Service Partner.

The best way to deal with water leaks in apartment buildings, businesses, high-rise buildings, and other commercial structures is through routine inspection and regular maintenance of the waterproofing envelope and seals. When the envelope fails and water and moisture seep into the building, it can cause a host of problems and cause widespread damage that can cost a fortune to fix. Keep these problems from disrupting normal business operations with professional waterproofing and sealing services from Valcourt today.

Signs Your Building Envelope Has Moisture & Water Infiltration

Sep 09, 2021

Building management and facilities management involves many important aspects and services. One of the most critical of these falls under building envelope maintenance. As the first line of defense against water infiltration and related damages, the waterproofing envelope must stay high on the list of priorities for building owners and managers to frequently monitor.

Identifying and monitoring common problem areas can help building owners and managers stay on top of water damage. However, it is not always as easy as it sounds. As Buildings.com explains: Water infiltration is the biggest culprit in envelope failures, but its causes range widely. Frequently the result of multiple factors converging over time, leaks can take years to show up – and if you can see water on the inside, significant damage to your envelope is likely. By the time water shows up on the inside of your building, it has had to pass through a lot of materials to get there.” And this hidden damage can cause significant issues throughout the building system with two major types of expenses:

Avoiding direct and indirect costs lie at the heart of waterproofing efforts. For this reason, building envelope restoration and protection against water infiltration and damage continue as some of the top ways facility managers can protect their property. Warning signs not to ignore include the following:

1. Movement of Ceiling Panels, Windows or Other Building Materials

Anytime supports or other materials within the building shift out of place, swell, warp or otherwise change, it often signals a serious issue with the building envelope

2. Damage to Building Materials Where Water Drains

Even when the draining system appears to be functioning normally, leaks and seepage can occur in the areas where water comes into contact with building materials.

3. Humidity Trapped Within Windowpanes

Many commercial windows have two or more panes put together, so moisture in the walls can form condensation within the glass. This signals higher moisture levels.

4. Signs of Mold and Mildew Growth, Including Odors

Any discoloration of materials, noticeable surface mold and mildew, or odors that indicate musty or rotting materials should warrant immediate attention.

5. Paint and Coating Damage

A common but lesser-known sign of water intrusion and water damage is cracking and peeling paint and changing interior and exterior coatings.

6. Water Stains and Discoloration

The most common indicators of water damage in a commercial building are water stains and marks on ceilings, walls, floors, and any other visible surface.

7. Rotting Trim and Roof Components

Water intrusion at higher levels, such as the roofing system, can show warning signs of rotting trim, facades, and unusual wear and tear on the systems.

8. Efflorescence of Stonework

White residue on stonework may indicate the wicking and absorption of moisture into materials over long periods due to building envelope breakdown.

Know the Signs of Building Envelope Water Infiltration, and Have the Right Partner to Address Them

All commercial buildings need protection against water intrusion. This type of commercial water leak dilemma becomes more common all the time. Part of this comes from financial pressure to save money and delay specific maintenance and repairs. It is also partly due to the sheer age, level of neglect, and deterioration of many older buildings. Staying on top of building envelope maintenance will help reduce damages caused by water infiltration. Contact Valcourt to schedule your consultation today. 

What Is Concrete Strengthening & How Does It Work?

Aug 31, 2021

During the construction of a building, depending on its use, elevator cab designs may be a bigger worry than the possibility of concrete corrosion. But elevators are only as good as the foundation of the building, and that applies to every facet of your structure. Improvements will most likely be needed to repair and strengthen reinforced concrete structures over time.  Depending on the type of concrete and location, additional restorations might be needed eventually. In some cases, the only requirement might be concrete strengthening; in other instances, new tactics such as the strengthening of concrete columns with fibers may need to be evaluated for their added benefits and long-term value. Let’s take a closer look at concrete strengthening, how it promotes stronger structural integrity, what to know when choosing materials, and a few other points of interest.  

What Is Concrete Strengthening? 

When an existing structure deteriorates, or alterations need to be made due to the form failing to serve its purpose, concrete strengthening is the best way to repair issues for long-term benefits.  Generally, all concrete structures are reinforced with some type of material, but building owners will inevitably need high-rise maintenance of concrete structures that won’t break the budget. Reinforced concrete results when a steel reinforcement, usually a kind of steel bar, is used to increase the strength of the structure. To create reinforced concrete, building owners turn to carbon fiber strengthening of concrete and Fiber Reinforced Polymer Concentrate (FRP). Such solutions are available for use on reinforced concrete, steel, wood, and masonry load-bearing structures. However, in some cases, concrete strengthening additives are also needed to extend the life of the concrete, control setting and hardening, and fix the general structural behavior of the concrete. 

When Is It Most Beneficial to Use?

Over time, a building can take quite a beating, its purpose can change, loads may increase, the local standards may evolve, or even historical structures may need more support. In response to this, repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete structures resist these stresses that would cause regular concrete to crack and crumble. While other resources, such as building waterproofing services, can help maintain a building for the short term, concrete strengthening will become a necessity. According to Structure Magazine, reinforced concrete will allow for the arrangements supported to have more comprehensive strength than traditional concrete, extending the long life service of the design. Using concrete strengthening, the steel supports added to larger systems will have a lower risk of erosion due to less water gradually entering the masonry work. Rather than reconstruct an entire building, it is much simpler to provide the proper reinforcements during initial construction and with all repairs. 

How to Choose the Right Material

A key component in concrete maintenance is an evaluation of materials and knowing how building maintenance will reap the most beneficial results possible. For instance, evaluating how the structure needs to be strengthened will guide the selection of proper materials for the job. 

Fiber-reinforced polymer composite (FRP) materials can be useful as well. These are made of high-strength continuous fibers, such as glass, carbon, or steel wires, embedded in a polymer mix. The fibers provide the reinforcement, while the polymer matrix protects the fibers and transfers loads between the fibers. 

Let’s consider another scenario. There may be a need to strengthen concrete columns in other situations, which can be done by reinforced concrete jacketing, steel jacketing, or FRP confining or jacketing. Columns often need to be strengthened once the load carried by the column has increased; the inclination is more than allowable, or when the compressive strength of the concrete or the type and percentage does not meet evolving code requirements. It’s up to each company to thoroughly evaluate the best ways to strengthen their assets over time, which means choosing the right form of reinforcement can literally make or break your building. That’s why it is important to choose a partner that can help your team increase property value by handling everything related to high-rise maintenance.

Improve the Strength of Your Concrete by Choosing the Right Building Maintenance Partner

When looking for a maintenance partner, it can be overwhelming and frustrating to know who is the best fit. Both interior maintenance and exterior maintenance should be a top priority when taking care of a building in every aspect possible. Working with a trustworthy partner is always the goal. Depending on the job type, the best partner can easily achieve reinforcement through carbon fiber strengthening of concrete,  jacketed concrete strengthening, or even fiber-reinforced polymer composites. It is more beneficial to add structural modifications to a building rather than build a new building from the ground up, pardon the pun. It’s always a great strategy to keep a building up to date before restorations are needed. Request a consultation with Valcourt Building Services today to improve the strength and integrity of your new and existing concrete assets.

Signs It’s Time for Commercial Concrete Restoration & Repair

Aug 26, 2021

A building is a valuable asset, which is why many proprietors consider the need for commercial concrete restoration. Many signs emerge when it becomes time to implement planned building services. The naked eye can see some but not all damage. Visible cracks in a concrete structure or wall of a commercial building could pose substantial hazards to the occupants inside the structure and in the surrounding area. Looking for signs of damage is easy and will reduce the need for untimely, costly concrete restoration and repair

1. Obvious, Visible Cracks in Concrete

With high-rise commercial building maintenance, part of the job means keeping a watchful eye on the exterior. Damage to concrete may not appear to be a danger, but the integrity of the building might be at stake. Look for cracking and splits in the concrete. Addressing these issues proactively will help prevent the need for a more expensive intervention by concrete restoration companies

2. Signs of Aging Like Moisture Buildup or Pooling

Another indication of damage that needs to be addressed is signs of aging. Aging looks like water penetrating the structure and pooling or leaking. With concrete buildings, excellent waterproofing can mean the difference between structure longevity or needing a repair via concrete restoration and repair in the short term. In addition to the presence of water, other signs of aging include potholes, unevenness in the building, or simply just a lackluster appearance. 

3. Flooring Begins to Sink or Dip and Other Signs of Foundational Issues

For a lot of building owners, flooring appeal and consistent quality are essential features. If the foundation crumbles, the entire building will deteriorate. When the flooring begins to dip or sink, this might signify the foundation is compromised. This might not appear strictly in flooring; signs might also be present on walls as they dip when the floor shifts. When this happens, contacting concrete restoration companies will help to fix these issues. 

4. Uneven Appearances of Concrete

The uneven appearance of the concrete can indicate the need for repairs. According to Facility Executive, ongoing building maintenance will help minimize structural damage. Each team needs a team dedicated to performing routine checks and maintenance. The more eyes on the building, the earlier a business can identify and repair the damage. 

5. Struggling With Sticky Windows or Doors

As well as signs of a damaged foundation and uneven appearances, doors or windows that stick also mean it could be time to consider contacting a contractor for commercial concrete restoration and repair

6. Visible Damage to The Walls of the Interior and Exterior

In addition to the structural damages and other issues with doors and windows, all visible damage can indicate it is time for concrete restoration or repair. Damages to the walls or floors on the interior can permeate to the outside. Seeking exterior maintenance solutions will also prevent the damages from spreading to the interior. Essentially, any damage to the waterproofing, insulation, windows, doors, walls, or roof that can be seen needs to be addressed as soon as possible. 

Get the Best Out of Commercial Concrete Restoration & Repair by Choosing the Right Partner 

For building owners, protecting their most valuable asset means restoring and repairing the exterior or interior concrete as needed. Request a consultation with Valcourt Building Services to improve the strength and integrity of your new and existing concrete assets today.

What Are Best Practices for Building Envelope Systems

Aug 24, 2021

Owning a building comes with a mammoth list of responsibilities, including ensuring the quality of the building envelope systems. Proprietors want value and longevity in their investment. Therefore, the building envelope systems and materials must be made to withstand the elements. As well as enhancing durability, commercial building maintenance will help keep property value high and prevent any costly repairs or renovations. 

1. Ensure a Proper Building Envelope Is Implemented the First Time

The success and endurance of a structure solely depend on the materials used in construction and the skill of the contractors. When implementing building envelope systems, contractors must use durable products. As well as high-quality materials, a skilled team is needed to achieve the desired results. Aspects such as building waterproofing services allow proprietors to establish a well-protected barrier from the exterior to the interior. 

2. Know the Materials That Form the Building Exterior

Knowing is half of the battle. The materials used in constructing a building might need special care to ensure longevity. Choosing low-maintenance, lasting supplies will decrease the need for frequent maintenance, keeping the total cost of ownership lower and providing a better ROI. The building envelope systems and materials also need to be examined and adequately cleaned. Different materials might react to various chemicals, so establish a maintenance worker or team to properly clean them. 

3. Routinely Provide Proactive and Preventative Maintenance

In addition to choosing the right items for the build, routine maintenance plays a significant role in preserving the integrity of building envelope systems. According to Facility Executive, even minor issues such as clogged gutters or storm drains pose substantial risks to the integrity of a structure. These obstructions can cause back up into the interior of the building, leading to more serious damages. By hiring qualified, experienced contractors for exterior maintenance solutions, owners can prevent costly harm to their investment. 

4. Become Well-Informed and Know the Hazards of Building Envelope Failures

Managers need to take safety considerations into account when formulating a plan for building maintenance. One of the most advantageous features building managers can provide is knowledge and training. A team that understands the functions of the building and its materials knows how to clean it properly and how to do so safely. Building envelope systems and materials can pose occupational hazards to those who do not know how to treat failures as they are discovered. Doing so will keep the total cost of ownership down and keep the building in good standing for longer. 

5. Consult An Expert for the Best Ways to Maintain Your Building Envelope

Ultimately, consulting an expert for the best ways to maintain property will ensure the integrity of the building envelope. Hiring a professional to do the job right the first time, using services like commercial building waterproofing means less maintenance over time for building envelope systems.

Ensure Your Building Envelope Is Well-Maintained by Partnering With The JOBS Group

Not only will finding the right partner keep a building looking in tip-top shape, but it will also keep owners and managers from having to do renovations or repairs too soon. Contacting the right partner for the job is the first step. 

Request a consultation with Valcourt Building Services to protect your biggest asset and barrier to the outside world — the building envelope systems.

What Is a Building Envelope & When Is It Time for Restoration?

Aug 19, 2021

Building proprietors must protect their most valuable asset, and to do so, they must address issues like commercial water damage to a building envelope. Many layers make up the building envelope. Building owners need to assess if repairs or restoration are needed. Knowing is only half of the battle; management staff and owners cannot easily determine which course of action is best to take for their facility if they do not fully understand the functions of the structure. Hiring contractors specializing in building waterproofing services or commercial water damage clean-up helps keep the building envelope intact, the elements out, and the value positive, and that begins with understanding the questions: what is a building envelope, and what are the types of building envelopes available?

What Is a Building Envelope?

Essentially, the building envelope definition is easy to understand. The building envelope consists of any materials making up the space between the interior and the exterior. Each part of the envelope is vital to the structural integrity of the building. For the most part, the building envelope consists of waterproofing the building, meaning any seals, windows, the foundation, floors, or anything that works to keep the elements out of the interior. The use of exterior maintenance solutions such as commercial water damage restoration or commercial water damage clean-up assists building managers and owners with routine maintenance, repairs, or restoration when needed. The types of building envelopes might also vary. For instance, a glass envelope will have a different set of needs than a concrete envelope. 

Signs the Building Envelope Is Failing

When planning routine upkeep, owners should consider commercial building maintenance and the signs that the external envelope of a building is on the road to failure. Sometimes the building envelope inevitably fails, making the building vulnerable to hazards like commercial property water damage. Some tell-tale signs of the envelope failing include broken windows or faulty heat seals within the windows, or damage to the insulation, caulk, or ventilation systems. In addition to these obvious signs, breakthroughs of moisture and other elements can threaten the health of the building’s occupants. Obvious signs of damage can be easier to locate, but routine maintenance will keep the property value high while also extending its longevity. 

Ways to Improve the Integrity of the Envelope

Services like commercial caulking or building envelope restoration help improve and protect a property’s envelope. These services can get expensive quickly, so routine maintenance will help keep these from happening prematurely. Brief daily inspections by building maintenance can help pinpoint obvious signs of damage to the building. This alone can help prevent minor issues from becoming costly restorations. 

If proprietors are building their property, choosing the right construction materials for the job matters. The best materials are moisture-resistant and ideally low-maintenance. According to BDC University, adding air barriers can also serve as another line of defense. These tips and more keep different threats from penetrating the building exterior and will ensure a valuable, stable property. 

Choose the Right Solutions Provider to Reduce Your Risk

From start to finish, building owners and managers must understand their property’s needs. For building owners, managers, or maintenance workers, it is imperative to know the building materials to ensure their longevity. Knowing what lies between the interior and the exterior will help guide building owners and maintenance staff in using materials or components that will not compromise the structure. Building owners must practice proactive maintenance to reduce the likelihood of costly issues like commercial water damage. The best advice: consult and hire professionals before construction or repairs. Trusting professionals that offer services like commercial building waterproofing will help prevent any moisture breakthrough without compromising the integrity of the building.

Request a consultation with Valcourt Building Services to review the integrity of your building envelope now. 

The Top Causes of Commercial Building Water Damage

Aug 17, 2021

Facility managers overseeing commercial buildings have a lot vying for their time and attention, each task just as important as others when it comes to building management and maintenance. However, detecting and addressing water damage to commercial buildings remains one of the most critical tasks of facility management. 

Importance of Water Damage Inspections

Commercial property water damage can be reduced and often avoided by identifying possible problem areas and addressing water intrusion concerns. Knowing the top causes of commercial building water damage makes the entire process simpler and more accessible. As highlighted by Water Damage America Inc, “data from a survey conducted by the American Housing Survey of the U.S. Census showed that out of 100 representatives of U.S. office buildings, 85% of these are past water damage, while 45% are experiencing current leaks.” Commercial water damage restoration services are in high demand because proper inspection is essential for high-rise building management and maintenance. 

Damaged Roofing Components

The roofing system is among the most vital components of any high-rise or commercial building. Any damage to the roof can lead to water intrusion on some level. Minor water leaks can trickle into lower areas of the building and cause damage, both seen and unseen. Regularly scheduled roof inspections and proper maintenance by building managers can reduce the chances of commercial property water damage from a leaky roof, which will help avoid the costs associated with commercial water damage clean up and restoration.

Damaged Pipes and Sprinklers

Another common source of commercial water damage originates with the plumbing system. Old and rusty pipes, worn-out seams, and other damages can cause pipes to crack and leak over time. Everything from the traditional plumbing system to the advanced sprinkler system can cause water damage when something goes wrong. All indications of possible leaks or damage must be addressed sooner rather than later.

Worn Out HVAC System

The heating and cooling system is an invaluable part of any commercial or retail space. However, without proper maintenance and upkeep by building managers and operators, an old HVAC system can become a source of water damage concerns. Heating and cooling systems that don’t perform as designed can lead to extensive damage over time that requires advanced commercial water damage restoration to address and repair.

Unchecked Window Damage

One thing most high-rise buildings have an abundance of is windows. While they are a vital part of a building’s overall structure and design, they also offer an easy water entry point. Whether from the elements or maintenance work such as window washing, water intrusion around windows is far more common than many realize. Commercial and retail water damage from leaky windows, thankfully, can easily be mitigated.

Poor Waterproofing Maintenance

Creating an impermeable building waterproofing envelope helps to prevent water from getting in and causing damage. Many commercial water damage clean-ups end up occurring due to poorly maintained envelopes and seals. Cracks in window seals and worn-out coatings on the building’s exterior can allow water to seep in and damage internal components and structures easily.

Combat the Top Causes of Commercial Building Water Damage by Choosing the Right Service Provider

Keeping up with routine building maintenance and exterior upkeep remains one of the best things facility managers can do to protect against water damage to commercial buildings. From proper inspection and upkeep to quick response to known issues, fighting against water intrusion and damage can seem like a never-ending battle.

Prevent the costs of water damage by scheduling an inspection with Valcourt Building Services now.

Water Leak Detection: How to Know It’s Time for a Commercial Water Leak Investigation

Aug 13, 2021

Facility managers have a responsibility for many aspects of building upkeep, repair, and maintenance, including dealing with inevitable water intrusion issues. Commercial building maintenance is a complicated process. Having a solid commercial water leak detector and a planned response action plan is an essential aspect of building management and maintenance. While most facility management teams understand the importance of leak detection and repairs, many still might wonder how to determine when a leak becomes especially troublesome.

Value of a Strong Commercial Water Leak Detection Process

Water damage can present various warning signs that indicate the need for commercial water leak detection services and intervention. As highlighted by FacilitiesNet, minor warning signs can indicate that a more significant issue might be lurking under the surface. Likewise, minor damage can cause a quick spiral into a compromising situation if left unaddressed. So clearly, early and accurate detection of commercial building water leaks is a vital part of commercial high-rise building maintenance. Learning the telltale signs of possible leaks can help make repairs easier, reduce expenses, improve facility maintenance routines, and keep team members and visitors safe on site.

Water Accumulation and Intrusion Detected

The most obvious indication that something has gone wrong and there is a leak somewhere is finding a pool of standing water anywhere in the building. Water intrusion can occur from many sources and does not automatically mean the water has come in from an outside source. The water leak may come from leaky pipes, broken HVAC systems, or issues with other building components. Knowing the warning signs can make it easier to determine when water leak detection services may be necessary for building maintenance.

Discoloration of Materials Noted

Commercial water leak detection services focus on identifying problem areas as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Another visual indication that a water leak has happened is when certain areas or building materials have become discolored. This could occur in the ceilings, walls, or even the floors. The area can look wet or discolored somehow, and older leaks that have temporarily dried may appear some shade of yellow or brown. There may also be some bubbling, cracking, or other forms of and damage in the discolored area.

Changes in Texture of Building Materials

Maintaining the structural integrity of any building through safe maintenance and management is important because of the following issues that could arise from water leaks:

Odors and Strange Smells

Odors are prevalent when dealing with water intrusion and damage. Water leaks often cause mold and mildew to form, which speeds up the degradation of the materials and can cause pungent smells. Certain materials can absorb and retain water for long periods, leading to black mold and similar decay. This impacts indoor air quality and indicates water intrusion. Even with no visual indicators, any odd smells should not be ignored and are a potential sign that commercial water leak detection services and commercial building waterproofing services are needed.

Perfect Your Commercial Water Leak Detection Services With the Right Partnership

Working with a skilled and experienced building maintenance company can provide peace of mind and access to commercial water leak detection equipment and services. Keeping up with building maintenance and routine inspections is a critical part of facility management. Partnering with the right experts is a step toward improved facility management and more excellent facilities administration practices. Connect with Valcourt Building Services to learn more or to schedule a water leak inspection now.

What Is & a Checklist for Building Façade Maintenance Repair and Inspection

Aug 10, 2021

Façade maintenance is frequently a vital part of discussions among building managers and maintenance teams, but what exactly is involved with a façade inspection? The short answer is always changing and depends on the unique needs of the building. The requirements for a façade inspection depend upon several unique factors and the quality of the work performed. Why? It all goes back to the need for continuously monitoring the building façade and all that entails, including waterproofing, sealants, or even repainting/refinishing of metals and other materials. Ultimately, building façade restoration is an essential part of routine commercial building maintenance, and it’s important to understand why a checklist for façade work is critical to keeping tabs on everything.

Why a Building Facade Checklist Is Valuable

Proper maintenance of a building’s exterior enhances aesthetics and the health of occupants, tenants, and passersby. A well-maintained façade can extend the life of the building itself and ensures employees, visitors, and the general public stay safe in and around the structure by avoiding the risk of falling material or fall hazards. Regardless, the façade is complex and requires an array of services to maintain the best appearance. A well-rounded maintenance program includes window washing, crack repair in concrete façade work, stonework inspection, façade cleaning, painting and sealing of porous materials, and routine repair work conducted by expert building façade contractors. The maintenance program can also serve as a road map and show facility managers where to go and what to look for as they go about the business of  commercial building maintenance and repair. 

What the Checklist Tells Building Managers About Current Building Status

With a checklist in hand, building managers can better coordinate with the inspection team and thoroughly examine all critical areas of the building’s exterior. At some sites, a simple visual inspection might suffice, while other sites might require team members to get close enough to physically touch certain aspects of the façade structure. According to Facilities.net, “more complicated façade inspections involve coordinating a traffic plan for the temporary street closure, coordinating the mobilization, setup, and teardown of the swingstage or articulating manlift, scheduling the police detail, [and] pulling the street closure permits.” By working with skilled and experienced experts, building managers can get a better idea of the current building status and whether it requires work. A detailed checklist for façade concerns ensures nothing is accidentally overlooked during planned building services and helps to incorporate additional needs when they become evident.

A Checklist for Building Facade Maintenance, Repair and Inspection

The best facility managers carefully plan and coordinate inspection and repair work to minimize disruption and ensure safe working environments. A building façade maintenance, repair and inspection checklist can help managers and repair teams ensure all vital areas are addressed, known issues or concerns are looked into, and potential problem areas get exceptional care and attention. Key areas of focus usually include the following:

Every building is different and thus will require various levels of inspection. A robust building façade inspection is critical to protecting business investments and extending the life of any commercial structure.

Improve the Exterior of Your Buildings by Partnering With the Experts

A building’s construction is critical for its overall integrity and longevity, and maintaining its façade extends the longevity of the basic materials used in its construction. A professional inspection and maintenance company will take care of the external structures of commercial buildings, letting your team focus on the interior and serving your clientele. This kind of hands-on inspection and repair service is also vital for medical centers, educational facilities, industrial parks, parking structures, office spaces, retail buildings, and other public venues. Quite simply, any building will need maintenance designed to meet its unique needs. Getting the finest in building facade maintenance repair and inspection is easy with the right partnership.

Request a consultation with Valcourt to learn how your team can put the power of a comprehensive exterior checklist to work. 

What to Expect From a Commercial Building Maintenance Services Provider

Aug 04, 2021

Choosing commercial building maintenance companies must not be an afterthought; but unfortunately, building managers tend to focus on the interior of the building. That is where people actually work and engage. However, the first thing any tenant, visitor or passerby sees is the building’s exterior. As further explained by Construction Executive, “More often than not, businesses focus more on their interior. This means the interior of workplace environments are constantly evolving. However, it still boils down to the fact that the first thing customers and guests see is the exterior of a commercial building. Nowadays, buildings are more focused on structural design and structural soundness. Unfortunately, for structural design to be efficient, it must include the quality of visual appeal.” It’s also confusing to figure out what types of services are needed and how to approach each aspect of the building from the façade to the parking areas. Let’s take a closer look at the top services you need to be on the lookout for when choosing a services provider. 

Façade Repair and Restoration

The first service to leverage is façade repair and restoration. The building façade might be composed of windows, concrete, and other materials. Paints can chip over time, and metal may rust. Commercial building maintenance services begin with recognizing the need to keep the exterior in the right condition based on the materials used in construction. It’s that simple. 

Exterior Waterproofing

Next, it’s imperative to choose a commercial building maintenance facilities service company that offers much more than simple repainting of the façade or cracks. It’s important to focus on waterproofing and sealant services. Without adequate waterproofing, the building will undoubtedly become a hodge-podge of mold, mildew and pathogens. Moreover, failures within the building envelope — the waterproof sealant to the outside — amounts to higher energy costs and diminishes the integrity of building materials. Working with properly trained commercial building maintenance contractors that know how to assess the building envelope and address potential issues before they become large-scale problems can help.

Window Cleaning and Sealing

Any strategy for waterproofing naturally implies a need for window sealing, and like the windows of a home, commercial window cleaning and sealing should be on your list of services. While window cleaning sounds simple enough, commercial building facility managers need to realize that it’s a complex undertaking and presents numerous safety risks if attempted without the right training and window cleaning equipment. Choosing the right partner eliminates those risks. 

Parking Garage Repair and Concrete Repair or Restoration

After considering the exterior maintenance and building services that your company needs, it’s also vital to examine the condition of the material beneath you. This isn’t a euphemism but rather the absolute need to maintain the concrete assets of your business — whether that’s a parking garage, concrete lot, or concrete walkways in front of the building. Concrete cures over months and may become cracked, and any crack is an opportunity for water to enter and become trapped. When the water freezes, it erodes the strength and stability of the concrete, but again, the right services partner can help. By leveraging the fundamentals of concrete maintenance, including the use of fibers and additives, concrete can be strengthened. That’s not to say that issues will not arise but rather that the right partner can help prevent issues from arising and will work diligently to address them when they occur. 

Added Safety System Maintenance

The building exterior also includes an array of safety systems designed to keep occupants and passersby healthy and safe: pardon the redundancy. Rooftop anchorage evaluations can keep window cleaning and sealant teams safe. Additionally, the required routine maintenance of such systems helps to keep liability in check. Depending on the design of the building, safety system maintenance might include OSHA-compliance inspections and even the maintenance of fire safety systems. It all depends on the types of assets within the building

Get All the Commercial Building Maintenance Services Covered With a Single Company Partnership

Keeping the curb appeal of your building in excellent status begins with ensuring the integrity of your building’s façade, maximizing waterproofing, and keeping everything in tip-top condition. Stop trying to manage your building with disparate service providers and bring harmony to your strategy by choosing the right partner. 

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