How to Create Your Elevator Design Plan

The Valcourt Group | Mar 10, 2022

When the time comes to have existing elevator cab systems updated or an entirely new setup installed for a commercial property, it is vital to have a design plan that meets all your needs and expectations. A thoroughly developed and thought-out plan ensures you have a safe, reliable, affordable, and efficient elevator system in operation. The best elevator design plan considers all of the wants and needs of not only employees or residents but also management and the general public. The following five tips can help ensure your elevator design plan suits your specific needs and goals for installations and redesigns. 

1. Don’t Rush Through the Process of Making Your Elevator Design Plan

Taking the time to consider all the details and options at the start of your planning process will save you time and money in the long run as a building owner. Early planning is critical as it allows time to spot overlooked issues and consider all possibilities entirely and accurately as you work out your elevator design plan. A practical and efficient elevator layout and design plan will also keep expenses down as you can more easily avoid unexpected costs, expensive changes, disruptive delays, and other issues that stem from a less-than-stellar design and installation. 

2. Plan Your Elevator Set Up and Cab Design Based on Your Needs

There is no shortage of things to consider when working on an innovative elevator design plan for your commercial building. In addition to what materials you will use and how big the cabs will be, think about the users and the operators. Consider how many people might be using the elevators any given day, what they might be transporting, how many building areas need easy access, and similar points. Load maximums, wait times for available cabs, and overall maintenance and upkeep are all part of preventive maintenance and upkeep needs.

3. Plan and Design Based on Your Building Layout and Traffic Flow

 Elevator design plans must also work within the confines of your building’s physical and architectural limitations. There are many elevator design challenges to keep in mind. Certain areas may be more suited for installing elevators, and others might need to have more cabs than other areas. Consider the number of floors the elevators will need to accommodate, the flow of foot traffic, any internal systems, and design limitations that could impact your elevator system’s size, location, and design of your elevator system. 

4. Remember Aesthetics and Useability of the Design 

Your elevator is often one of the first areas customers experience, so the cab’s interior must be designed and maintained to create a positive first impression. The cab should be designed and presented in a way that positively reflects your business brand. A good elevator design plan will consider everything from the walls and ceiling panels to ADA accessibility and control panel setup. Practicality and attractiveness can go a long way in making your customers and employees feel comfortable when on your property. 

5. Upgrade Your Elevator With Energy-Efficient Lighting

The final upgrade building managers should consider when either redesigning existing elevator systems or planning new elevator design plans in your building is the need for quality lighting. Aside from needing to be bright enough to provide clear visibility for safety and security during use, the elevator lights can also be a surprising source of ongoing expenses. Lights in the cabs are on all the time, and as reported by, using energy-efficient bulbs can save time and money with less upkeep and lower costs overall from the electrical load of all the cab lights.

Master Your  Elevator Plan and Installation Project Today by Choosing the Right Partner

Get the best elevator design plans designed specifically for your unique business needs. Making building management and upkeep easier is possible when you start with the right elevator design and installation services. Working with the pros will ensure everything goes according to plan. Whether you need one or two elevators installed or have a considerable project number in the dozens, the elevator experts are here to help. Contact The Valcourt Group today to get started.

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