Budget-Saving Tips in Time for Hurricane Season

Aug 25, 2022

Managing buildings is a tall task. And as if you don’t have enough on your plate, it’s also budgeting and hurricane season. Fortunately, creating a spending plan and storm preparation go hand-in-hand. Follow these strategies to simplify budgeting, preserve your building assets, and protect the people within.

#1 Stick with a Routine

One of the most common challenges that building facility managers face is deferred maintenance. The dangers of delaying maintenance are numerous. But it goes beyond affecting aesthetics and asset longevity. It also impacts budgeting. The easy solution? Put an end to putting it off. Performing routine maintenance on all your building surfaces leads to consistent scheduling and spending from month-to-month. Historical spend helps you budget and secure proper funding in the future.

And here’s a tip for those with buildings in hurricane-prone locations: recurring maintenance should be performed on building joints. Properly sealed joints are your first line of defense against water infiltration.  Joint irregularities that are caught and repaired early keep water out and expenses down. Therefore, periodic maintenance such as caulking and sealing is recommended between the months of June through November (the length of the Atlantic hurricane season).

Joint Failures

#2 Keep Surfaces Clean

Budgeting may seem like a dirty word to building owners and property managers, especially because there are many unbudgeted expenses that can pop up. However, it’s possible to minimize this with regular window cleaning and pressure washing of façades, parking garages, roof membranes, and all exterior features. When exterior systems are clean, they work and function properly, which lowers the risk for unplanned repairs.

Furthermore, buildup such as dirt or debris can prevent stormwater from properly draining off surfaces causing rot, mildew, or other damage. Stains may also obscure problem areas which—if not recognized— can worsen and become costly issues.

Pressure Cleaning

#3 Get Eyes on the Envelope

Speaking of recognizing issues, you can’t budget for what you don’t see. That’s why it’s important to inspect and take photos of your building exteriors on a semi-annual basis. Photo documentation will help you identify damage or deterioration, estimate when it occurred or how long it took to worsen, prioritize repairs, and spend smarter.

Similarly, you can’t prepare for the unknown. Prior to hurricanes or other predicted storms, examine your photo records for clear insight on areas that need to be re-assessed and addressed ahead of severe weather.

Need help getting eyes on your sites? Not all building service contractors provide photographic documentation. Insist on a provider that takes and shares photos of all inspections and repairs as standard operating procedure.

Don’t let numbers and nature cause stress this season; Valcourt is here to help!  Contact us for all your building service needs including budgeting assistance, building inspections, rapid leak repairs, and more.