Valcourt Group Acquires American National Skyline, Expands to 27 States

Oct 07, 2022

Exterior building services company The Valcourt Group expands its exterior building services footprint with the acquisition of ANSI, based in Illinois.

Houston, TX– The Valcourt Group (Valcourt), one of the largest providers of exterior building maintenance and repair services to commercial properties, has acquired American National Skyline, Inc. (ANSI), based in Illinois. With ANSI’s footprint in the Midwest, the merger allows Valcourt to continue growing the industry standards for safety, customer service, and service offerings for their customers across the country.

“This partnership is an exciting opportunity to bring best-in-class service across the country to current and future customers,” says Eric Crabb, CEO of Valcourt. “The ANSI footprint in the Midwest, along with their dedication to safety and service, made this an easy decision.”

The partnership with ANSI also creates new opportunities for expanding waterproofing services in the Midwest. It will only be a matter of time before Valcourt’s added services, including concrete and facade maintenance, become synonymous with the ANSI brand.

“There is significant opportunity for growth, centralization, and expansion in the building services industry,” says Steve Sullivan, President/COO at ANSI. “We are pleased to join the Valcourt family.”

“Joining The Valcourt Group means broadening these capabilities,” Lee Crepeau, CAO at ANSI, continued. “We are excited to work with their experienced team and bring together two of the leading building services companies in the nation.”

About The Valcourt Group:

The Valcourt Group is the premier commercial restoration, waterproofing, and window cleaning service provider in the United States. Partnering with property owners and managers, we service all aspects of a building’s exterior. Founded in 1986 by Jeffery Valcourt, and has grown from a small window cleaning company in Washington, DC, into one of the largest building services companies in the country. For more information about service offerings, you can visit us at

About American National Skyline, Inc.:

American National Skyline, Inc. was founded in 1970 by Bob Hubeny as AAA Services, Inc. Bob believed that window washing was an integral part of building maintenance but believed even more in the concept that he could provide his clients with the quality they deserved without sacrificing safety or service. 50 years later, Bob’s vision has become the reality and is how ANSI operates daily. Property managers, engineers, and many other customers lean heavily on ANSI’s ability to provide best-in-class service, window cleaning, pressure washing, and exterior building maintenance.








An Overview of Waterproofing World-Class Stadiums: Maintenance, Restoration, and Repair

May 03, 2022

Waterproofing world-class stadiums and stadium structural maintenance management make up crucial components that ensure the safety of fans, players, and employees. Stadium structures consist of concrete and steel, constantly exposed to the elements and high traffic. These factors can compromise structural integrity, requiring stadium maintenance, restoration, and repair. 

Everything from the stadium roof structure to the support beams to the flooring needs careful maintenance and upkeep. According to“Over the five years to 2021, demand for the Sports Stadium Construction industry improved, as funding for industry projects increased in light of the recovering economy. Industry operators build, renovate and maintain sports stadiums, arenas and fields. Increasing incomes have caused government tax receipts to grow, leading to higher funding for educational and commercial institutions.”

The report noted, “Moreover, the economic recovery has also caused sports franchise industry revenue to grow, which when combined with growing public funds, caused demand for large professional sports stadiums to rise as well. Therefore, industry revenue is expected to increase at an annualized rate of 1.7% to $12.3 billion over the five years.” This growth puts an even greater demand on the maintenance of stadium structures. 

The longevity of your facility requires a regular, consistent maintenance plan that is tailored to your building and includes all of the numerous factors that play into the stadium’s life expectancy. Below are some tips on maintaining and waterproofing world-class stadiums to help reduce the need for frequent repairs and reconstruction.

Why Waterproofing Is Vital for Stadium Maintenance and Building Upkeep

Waterproofing world-class stadiums are vital for stadium maintenance as it protects the structure’s longevity. The stadium roof structure covers and protects everything under it and within the building itself. Without proper waterproofing, corrosion, movement, and constant exposure to fluctuating temperatures can cause the structure to fracture as water can seep into these areas and cause structural damage.   

Stadium Maintenance and Upkeep Considerations to Keep in Mind

There are several maintenance considerations to consider when maintaining and repairing a stadium structure. Below are a few suggestions.

Maintaining routine waterproofing care and maintenance can make it easier for facility managers and crews to keep a safe and operational stadium in good working order.

How Waterproofing Services Extend the Life of Stadiums and Improve Cost-Effectiveness of Maintenance

Waterproofing world-class stadiums and stadium roof structures will extend the life of the components within the design and improve the overall cost-effectiveness of future maintenance. Waterproofing allows for flexibility in the natural movement of the stadium. The waterproofed joints and surfaces maximize the safety, especially in high traffic and heavy load areas. It increases durability while providing low maintenance and easy cleaning of the surfaces. Waterproofing world-class stadiums also provide non-slip protection to ensure the safety of spectators and employees. 

Get the Most Out of Your Stadium Maintenance, Restoration, and Repair Work by Partnering With The JOBS Group

With the increased usage of stadiums, it is vital to protect the safety of fans, players, and personnel by waterproofing world-class stadiums and routinely maintaining the system’s integrity. Avoid the headache of major repairs and complete remodel projects by implementing these suggestions for maintenance, upkeep, and waterproofing. Partner with The Valcourt Group for your custom stadium waterproofing plan!