Stadium repair and restorations involve concrete and masonry structures built with a combination of internal finished areas and external seating in the tread and riser areas. Stadium structures depend on a combination of expansion joints, sealant joints, waterproofing systems, and exposed traffic coatings to keep the structure watertight. All of these items require regular repair and maintenance and if left unmaintained can lead to full scale restoration projects.

Concrete Strengthening is a safe and secure method of extending the longevity of a structure by applying strengthening systems. Over time, a structure’s purpose can change, loads can increase, building standards may evolve, or historical structures may require reinforcement.

Undertaking a stadium restoration project can be a major disruption for teams, students, fans, and owners. Minimizing down time and disruption of revenue is critical to a successful stadium project. We emphasize planning and effective communication to minimize the impact and the disruption. Every stadium is very different, so it is important to the success of the project to work with the owner, engineer, and specified product manufacturers to design a repair scope that utilizes the latest technologies and chosen specifically for the project.

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