210 West Allegheny Avenue

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Location: Towson, MD

Client: KLNB Management, LLC as agent for KCS Towson, LLC

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210 West Allegheny Avenue


210 West Allegheny Avenue is four-story office building in the business district of Towson, Maryland. The building is clad with a brick masonry façade and a ribbon window system. It is a typical example of masonry buildings with “cavity wall” construction.

Buildings with this type of construction are designed so that water can penetrate through porous brick and mortar into the cavity wall. Once in the cavity, water will be directed back outside the building with help from flashing and weep holes. This particular facility exhibited water intrusion shortly after construction.


After a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior areas of the building, it was determined that the through wall flashing system was compromised allowing water to infiltrate interior space. This is a common occurrence in masonry-clad buildings.

Valcourt recommended a repair that included removing three courses (rows) of brick above the ribbon window system. After cleaning and treating any rusted steel and removing any failed flashing, Valcourt installed a new flashing system above the window head. Prior to replacing the brick, the repairs were tested to insure a complete repair. The bricks and mortar were then replaced. Sealants and window glazing were also replaced to further reduce the possibility of water intrusion into the interior space.

KLNB Management is pleased with the results of the repair—phase one of the project was completed at all four levels on the rear wall with minimal disruption to tenants. The result is a properly weeping cavity wall system that no longer leaks when it rains.

Work Performed

  • Through-Wall Flashing
  • Sealants and Coatings

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