3100 Clarendon Blvd

Industry: Retail Buildings

Location: Arlington, VA

Client: Piedmont Office Realty Trust

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3100 Clarendon Blvd


The Clarendon Building, owned and managed by Piedmont Office Realty Trust, is a 14-story class A commercial building located in the highly congested business district of Arlington, Virginia. As a result of the congestion, the awnings on the building are subject to higher than normal amounts of pollution from vehicles, airplanes and other structures. The Clarendon Building has high end retail establishments on the first floor, so maintaining a quality appearance at all times is a critical component to their business’s success. In total, there were 21 fabric awnings at this location that needed to be properly maintained on a continual basis.

Valcourt Building Services’ challenge at the Clarendon Building was to develop the proper annual awning maintenance program that maintained the original appearance of the building’s awnings, while withstanding the environmental demands. Protecting Piedmont Office Realty Trust’s investment and providing a high quality awning maintenance program for the individual retail establishments were Valcourt’s main priorities.


Valcourt’s specially trained awning maintenance division developed a site-specific program for the Clarendon Building. First, our management team concluded that maintaining a quarterly cleaning program was essential to combat the pollution level of downtown Arlington. Second, our management team designed a cleaning program for the 21 fabric awnings that included a cleaning and sealing process. The awning cleaning was accomplished by utilizing specially designed awning fabric cleaner that removes heavy dirt accumulations. Afterwards, our Valcourt team applied a special awning sealer that penetrated the awning fabric. This sealer helped to mitigate the future accumulation of dirt, while also adding protection from the sun’s ultra violet rays. Valcourt’s maintenance program for the Clarendon Building revitalized the awnings appearance and extended their life expectancy at the same time.

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