3141 & 3130 Fairview Park Drive

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Location: Falls Church, VA

Client: Brandywine Realty Trust

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3141 & 3130 Fairview Park Drive


Cutting back or delaying exterior building maintenance generally is counterproductive and can lead to greater costs and more serious problems in the future. Just like an automobile, your building’s metal window mullions require routine maintenance or they will fade and corrode with exposure to outdoor contaminants. If not maintained properly, exterior mullions could require lengthy restoration or replacement that can cost more than 25 times the cost of preventative maintenance.

At 3141 and 3130 Fairview Park Drive, two neighboring eight-story buildings in Virginia, Brandywine Realty Trust chose to begin a preventative maintenance program to supplement their window cleaning services. Valcourt provides regular window washing for both properties as well as annual metal mullions cleaning and sealing to keep all exterior surfaces of the building looking like new. Valcourt’s challenge was to complete window washing, an initial metal maintenance service to restore and preserve the original luster of the mullions, as well as complete all safety and compliance inspections and evaluations within a week’s time.


Valcourt first tested products to determine the most effective solution to provide the best results for their mullions and the condition of the buildings. A sample was then shown to Brandywine property management at both office buildings to demonstrate the effectiveness of the selected product and process. Subsequently, Valcourt was given approval to clean and seal all window mullions, measuring a total of 55,000 linear feet for both properties, as well as washing eight stories of exterior and interior windows for both. Prior to all work being completed, the Valcourt compliance team was able to ensure that all required inspections and evaluations were completed and communicated to the specialized operations team and to the Brandywine staff.

Through collaboration with Brandywine, Valcourt was able to complete window washing and mullion cleaning in a safe and timely manner. Valcourt employed a separate crew at each building to ensure that all work was completed within the deadline, without disruption to tenants. After being treated with a proper cleaning and sealing, the mullions’ original luster and color were retained, greatly enhancing the overall appearance and value of the two properties.

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  • Metal Mullion Cleaning & Sealing

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Valcourt’s team provided the same high quality service and solutions that we have come to expect from them. From window cleaning to compliance support, they certainly understood our needs and performed with utmost professionalism in a safe and timely manner. As a result, the appearance of our Falls Church properties have been greatly enhanced.

Edward Strittmatter - Property Manager

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