Bank of America

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Location: Orlando, FL

Client: Gaedeke Group

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Bank of America


Everyone has heard of Orlando’s world-class attractions and entertainment venues, but Orlando is also a business hub. With over 50 million square feet, the region ranks among the nation’s ten biggest office markets. The Gaedeke Group owns the signature 28-story Bank of America building along Orlando’s skyline.

When water from Florida’s infamous storms found its way into tenant space, Valcourt along with WJE engineering firm were hired to address these issues. Sloped glass panels located atop each tier of the building made normal swing stage repairs impossible. Water migration was also identified at the juncture of the balconies and curtain walls. Those repairs were made more complicated due to the balcony perimeter structure that housed the nighttime lighting assembly.


The high-impact architectural design that makes this building so visually pleasing also creates rigging, repair and safety challenges. Waterproofing glass panels located 28 floors above the street combined with the typical swirling winds found around high-rise buildings meant safety was critical. The failed gaskets around each glass panel were cut away and resealed using a 20-year silicone sealant and metal-to-metal joints were waterproofed by applying an extruded silicone strip. Sky-high balcony decks-to-curtain wall junctures needed a long-term waterproofing solution. Liquid Plastics’ 20-year Decothane wrap offered the perfect fix.

Working together with the Gaedeke on-site team, the Valcourt crew mitigated the water intrusion problem while minimizing any tenant inconvenience or disruption to their day. Even 316 feet in the air, Valcourt is committed to providing the right solution, the best service and complete satisfaction to our clients.

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