Laketown Wharf

Industry: Apartments & Condominiums

Location: Panama City Beach, FL

Client: G & S Real Estate Advisors & Corus Bank

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Laketown Wharf


Laketown Wharf is the largest single-building condominium resort in the Panama City area with 765 residential units and more than 600,000 square feet of wall surface. Valcourt was hired by the owner of Laketown Wharf to undertake a complex, demanding waterproofing and restoration project. The building’s exterior needed improvement due to concerns regarding the potential for water intrusion. This monumental project needed to be complete by June in time for the summer rental season. Valcourt assured them that the work would be completed at the resort condominium within the required time period.


Valcourt’s primary work involved sealing and coating the entire building exterior with a high-build silicone elastomeric coating that was water and weather resistant. Valcourt’s Project Manager employed as many as 20 crew members on the building. Three 50-foot swing stages were used on the balcony area and another to work on the elevator, stair towers and sheer wall areas. Valcourt’s solution to the building’s numerous failing expansion joints was to utilize Dow 1-2-3 pre-formed silicone sealant over the existing joints which could be painted with the elastomeric coating. This process provided better aesthetics and also created two layers of protection instead of one.

Due to Valcourt’s strong project management and creative solutions, this large scale project was successfully completed on time, just 14 weeks after putting its first crew on the building.

Work Performed

  • Sealants
  • Coatings
  • Coating Of Metal Railing

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