Anne Arundel Medical Center - Luminis Health

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Annapolis, MD

Client: Cushman Wakefield

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Anne Arundel Medical Center - Luminis Health


The Belcher Pavilion at the Anne Arundel Medical Center provides outpatient support program for heart patients located in Annapolis, MD.  Specialized medical professionals and exercise physiologists help patients safely increase strength and fitness.

While inside patients are recovering, outside the building envelope is in a constant battle against weather-related damage and aging. One tell-tale sign of deterioration is water infiltration.  And that is exactly what happened at this healthcare facility. Staff noticed leaks at the Gill Connector & Belcher Pavilion. To determine the exact source and make necessary temporary repairs, the property manager called ProXpress.


Our ProXpress technicians mobilized quickly in the area where water was reported. Water testing commenced in five-foot sections for approximately 20 minutes at each section. After approximately two hours, water infiltration was observed. Deteriorated window sealants and gaskets were the culprits. Immediately our crew went to work. They removed the old sealant, prepared the joint surfaces, and installed new product. Wet glazing was also applied to the deteriorated gaskets.

Following completion of work, the ProXpress team provided our client with a Service Record containing photo documentation of all procedures performed. The Service Record also detailed additional, compromised areas in need of future monitoring or repairs.

Work Performed

  • Leak Investigation
  • Water Testing
  • Sealant Replacement
  • Wet Glazing

Services Provided

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