Market Square

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Location: Washington, D.C.

Client: Cassidy Turley

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Market Square


With the appearance of new standards in window washing safety and the increase in liability to buildings owners, many buildings are in need of new window washing anchorage systems. At this prestigious downtown Washington, D.C., property, the previous property management company had contracted with a professional engineering firm to analyze its system. The property management company asked for Valcourt’s assistance in analyzing the report, which appeared to indicate that the anchors were no longer sufficient. Valcourt advised the client that window washing could not be performed until this situation was resolved, both for safety and liability reasons. When Cassidy Turley assumed management of the property, they immediately began working toward a solution: (1) Providing clean windows for tenants, (2) Timely window cleaning to prevent window staining, and (3) Protecting the liability of the building owner by providing a safe workplace before work was performed.


Cassidy Turley turned to Valcourt and its Compliance Department for their advice and support. Valcourt met with building management, where it was determined that a new roof anchorage system for window washing would be needed. Valcourt contacted companies that could engineer, install, and certify an appropriate system. Valcourt’s Compliance Director then met contractors at the site to make sure that the anchorage system bids would be practical, compliant, and as uniform in scope as possible. After all the bids were submitted, Valcourt assisted Cassidy Turley in their analysis and helped provide follow-up questions to the bidders.

Once a contractor was chosen, Valcourt attended the start-up meeting with the contractor and building management to ensure a smooth schedule and start to the project. Valcourt was kept advised by building management of progress and any issues that occurred at the site. Upon completion of the retrofit, Valcourt provided Cassidy Turley with a compliance manual that describes Valcourt’s operational plan utilizing the new anchorage system, which is essential in helping to protect the building owner from liability after a new anchorage system for window washing is installed.

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