Sentry Park West

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Location: Blue Bell, PA

Client: Keystone Property Group

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Sentry Park West


Valcourt had multiple challenges in providing window cleaning for Sentry Park West while major capital improvements were also being undertaken there for Keystone Property Group. First, while working with many other trades on the building’s extensive renovation simultaneously, we had to coordinate our performance with both interior and exterior contractors to allow everyone to complete their tasks. Because the other trades would create dust and dirt, we needed to be the final contractor in the area so that the windows would remain clean. The second challenge was that the water spigots on the outside of the building were not in service due to construction. Third, access to the windows could not be done using RDS (Rope Descent System) because there were no certified anchor points on the building’s rooftop.


Valcourt’s Service Manager worked closely with Keystone, coordinating schedules to ensure that window cleaning was completed in the client’s extremely tight schedule without interfering with the work of other construction contractors.

Without water in the building, Valcourt ran hosing from an adjacent building spigot to Sentry Park West, and then attached it to our water purification system. Adding to the challenging environment was a mid-December freeze which required us to collect all of the hoses each night and store them inside to prevent freezing. To overcome the challenge of no roof anchors, Valcourt arranged with Keystone and other contractors for the use of a boom lift to wash the lobby and front entrance windows, which also prevented any possible ice hazards from excess water.

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Despite the obstacles, Valcourt’s work was efficiently performed with no disruption to tenants or construction crew. Valcourt’s speed of performance and attention to detail exceeded our expectations.

Kayte Faux - Property Manager

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