Tri-4 Office Centre

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Location: Gaithersburg, MD

Client: Sutton & Associates, Inc.

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Tri-4 Office Centre


The Tri-4 Office Centre is a 67,000 square foot, four-story office building located in the heart of Gaithersburg on the busy Route 355 corridor. The building was undergoing substantial value-added renovations to re-position it as commercial condominiums appealing to smaller tenants.

Having invested heavily in interior renovations, the owners were also interested in providing the building with greater curb appeal. Under considerable time constraints, they relied on Valcourt’s skills and expertise to provide a solution that met their expectations and time frame.


Working with the owners, Valcourt recommended the application of an elastomeric architectural coating for the precast bands and columns of the entire façade. This coating not only allowed the owners to choose a more vibrant color for the building, but also provided added weatherproofing to the structure. While on the building, Valcourt found and repaired minor damage to the precast panels, and performed minor concrete and EIFS repairs as well.

Valcourt was able to fulfill the client’s desire for a dramatically different look within both their time and budgetary constraints.

Work Performed

Elastomeric Weatherproof Coating Application, Precast Concrete Repair, and Concrete Repair

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