Wayne Memorial Hospital

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Goldsboro, NC

Client: Wayne County and City of Goldsboro

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Wayne Memorial Hospital


Wayne Memorial Hospital is located in the Eastern Sand Hills of North Carolina. The campus consists of 2 buildings, constructed approximately 10 years apart, and are connected by a glass curtain wall. The 9-story structure, being the oldest, has been previously cleaned and coated.

The new lower wing houses the ER section. Both structures are con- structed of brick and CMU (concrete masonry unit).The challenge was to work around the fall hurricane season and the day to day operations of a hospital while making both buildings look the same from an appearance stand point. With severe sealant failure throughout the entire complex, exterior and interior moisture intrusion was clearly evident.

Since immediate corrective action was paramount, Valcourt was asked to take on this challenge while being respectful of the hospital’s workflow.


Valcourt, along with the hospital engineering staff, held a preconstruction meeting to plan several methods of attack for this project. The main objective of the meeting was to create no disruption of hospital functions. The first phase of the plan involved servicing the entire 9-story structure and surrounding common areas.

The second phase of the plan involved separating the Valcourt crew into smaller teams in order to facilitate servicing the ER section of the hospital. The Valcourt foreman had been monitoring the day to day hospital activity around the entrance of the emergency room for several weeks to determine the optimum times to work on the ER section. This part of the work was actually performed in a piecemeal approach, working only several hours at a time until completion. This meant setting up and removing equipment several times a day to keep from blocking traffic to this vital area.

Weekly progress meetings between the Valcourt team and the Wayne Memorial Hospital staff produced a successful project that flowed very smoothly giving everyone involved a tremendous sense of pride.

Work Performed

  • Sealant Removal & Replacement
  • Minor Tuck Pointing
  • Water Repellant Application
  • Elastomeric Weatherproof Coating Application

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