Capital Park Tower


Apartments & Condominiums


Washington, D.C.


American Rental Management St. Charles, Maryland


Facade Repair & Maintenance and Plaza Deck Repair & Maintenance


100% Facade Survey, Concrete and Masonry Repair, Sealants and Coatings, and Deck Coating Application


Capitol Park Tower is an eight-story apartment community located in a heavily urban area near Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Valcourt was awarded this full restoration project, which was completed in three phases over a three-year period. Each work phase lasted four to six months.


Using highly trained field personnel and a full support staff, Valcourt provided extensive restoration services for Capitol Park Tower. Valcourt’s expertise in working with property managers, tenants, and surrounding neighborhoods in a sensitive (privacy, noise) environment was essential in undertaking the sizeable amount of work for this apartment community. Restoration work included all aspects of waterproofing—including concrete and masonry repairs; sealant replacement; and wall, column and deck coatings.

Valcourt was able to complete all phases of this extensive three-year, full restoration project within the owner’s budget and timetable.

Capitol Park Tower — Washington, D.C.

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