Connecticut Facade Restoration & Repair

The exterior appearance of your commercial building is one of the first things that a potential customer will notice when they think about working with your business. If you want to give your customers a good first impression as well as keep the structure of your building healthy, you must perform facade restoration and repair as soon as you see a sign of wear and tear. Our team of facade repair specialists in Connecticut has over 35 years of experience restoring the facade and physical structure of commercial buildings.

Facade deterioration happens over time but commercial buildings in states with harsher weather, such as Connecticut, are more susceptible to faster facade deterioration. Weathering of your commercial building doesn’t just give a bad first impression to customers, it can also lead to structural issues in the future. The most common issues caused by facade damage are structural cracks and deterioration, water leaks, as well as more serious structural damage.

Cities In Connecticut Where We Offer Facade Restoration

The Valcourt team has over 35 years of experience providing commercial facade repair and restoration services all across Connecticut. From large facade repair projects in New Haven to small facade repair projects in Stamford, our team has the experience to repair and restore the facade of your commercial building. Common cities we provide facade repair services for include:

  • Bridgeport
  • New Haven
  • Stamford
  • Hartford
  • Waterbury
  • Norwalk

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