Industry Leadership

Stefan Bright


Stefan Bright has been involved in safety for the window cleaning and building maintenance industries over forty years. After managing a commercial window cleaning company in Pennsylvania for nearly two decades, he migrated to creating and delivering workplace safety training programs which include the International Window Cleaning Association’s (IWCA) safety and training program and online safety certification courses. From that point forward, Stefan has been turning educational principles into reality by designing and install- ing fall protection equipment and systems on commercial office and residential buildings.

He has held the position of Safety Director for the International Window Cleaning Association since 1993 and also serves as the technical director for the International Window Cleaner Safety Certification Program. He is also the coordinator for the OSHA and IWCA Alliance and actively participates on the OSHA Construction Roundtable for Fall Protection.

Stefan was the sole chairman of the ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 Window Cleaning Safety Committee which developed and published a national safety standard that became the industry’s most recognized standard practice of care. The Standard; published in 2001, was one of the leading source documents used by OSHA during the development and release of the newly revised OSHA regulations on ladders, fall protection and rope descent systems.

His passion and focus on the development and delivery of safety training to the window cleaning industry and the design and installation of fall protection and rigging systems, has helped to produce a forty percent reduction in fatalities and accidents over the last twenty years. For this and other notable accomplishments in the field of workplace safety, he was recognized by the American Society of Safety Engineers as the recipient of the 2014 Triangle Award for his Heroic Dedication to Safety.

Jon Capon
COO, Valcourt Building Services
Jon started in the window-cleaning business in 1975. Even as an inexperienced 16-year-old working at elevated heights, Jon’s passion for improving safety culture was uncompromising. Over four decades later, he’s never once wavered from that mission. Throughout his dedicated career, Jon has been instrumental in elevating safety standards across the industry. In 1989, he was one of the founding members of the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) where he served on the board of directors for several years before becoming the association’s 4th President in 1993. Jon’s other contributions to the industry include: serving on three ANSI standards writing committees, including the ANSI/ASME A120 Committee and the ANSI/IWCA I-14 Committee; working with OSHA since 1990 to develop a greater understanding about the occupational usage of Rope Descent Equipment; partnering with architects and engineers on hundreds of building designs for appropriate roof supported equipment for facade access and fall protection; leading dozens of public-speaking engagements with real-estate groups on window-cleaning safety and compliance with regulations and standards.
Josh Wing
Manager, Fall Protection Systems
Josh has been an integral part of the success of Valcourt since 2007. The greatest contributions to this success has been Josh’s passion in supporting our clients and workforce in creating compliant and safe work environments. Throughout his developing career, Josh has been responsible for a variety of duties and responsibilities that make him an asset to our Valcourt Safety System’s clientele. These roles and responsibilities had previously included managing our SafeSite Advantage Department, developing compliant and safe work plans for our crews, managing production schedules with our clients and operations teams, consulting with our clients regarding general and building specific safety and compliance matters, facilitating and managing compliance solutions for our clients and workforce, training workers on safe and compliant façade access best practices, and working with 3rd party engineering firms to develop programs and partnerships that benefit everyone. Josh continues this passion to support our workers and clients in his current role with our Valcourt Safety Systems team. He does this by working with clients to analyze their building specific needs to provide a fully compliant façade access and fall protection system, and developing customized solutions that will meet all compliance requirements and maximize safety and functionality for the worker.
Luis Martinez
Director of Operations

Luis graduated from National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City with a degree in Engineering Architecture. He has been managing operations with Valcourt Building Services since 2002. In 2004, he was promoted to Director of Operations for the window cleaning division that services Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland. 

Luis developed and ran many different programs established in the window cleaning division that have provided strength and well-being to the culture of safety that surrounds the company. Some of the programs included: equipment maintenance, a suspension and safety rope monitoring program, supply control, Safety First program, warehouses supervision, vehicle control and other safe site controls that have maintained the branch safety culture, with a sincere focus in maintaining a safety-first mentality to myself and others.

Luis has specialized experience in permit application processes for a variety of project types, development and creation of traffic plans when occupying public spaces for Aerial Work Platform access in buildings. Luis has trained and licensed over 35 window cleaners and managers in Aerial Work Platform use as an IPAF Instructor. He has specialized training and experience in pest control Bird Proofing systems and installation techniques.

With over 15 years’ experience managing teams and specialized projects, Luis was a well rounded and beneficial addition to the Valcourt Safety Systems branch in 2018. As Director of Operations his focus on safety positively affects the installation of fall protection and safety systems we provide.

Jessica Waterman
Administrative Department Manager
Jessica joined Valcourt Building Services in 2013 as a Temporary Administrative Assistant for the Washington, DC waterproofing branch where she provided support to their administrative team. It quickly became clear that Jessica was an asset to the group so she was offered a permanent role in that department. Prior to the launch of the ProXpress division of Valcourt Building Services in 2015, Jessica assisted in its development and transformation by helping with the implementation of new services and developing protocols. After the ProXpress department officially launched, Jessica continued to help grow the department by striving to help them exceed their goals and provide new ideas for their systems and processes. In early 2017, Jessica offered part time assistance to the newly formed Valcourt Safety Systems, while it was in its infant stage. Her passion and drive to build efficient systems and contribute new ideas for company development convinced management to acquire her services full time. Since officially transferring to Valcourt Safety Systems on a full time basis in November of 2017, she has become an integral part of the management team by furnishing support to the group while also implementing and executing plans for their future ventures to further improve the organization and the services they provide.