The Valcourt management team spans the country, including our field leadership at each branch. Our team has extensive experience in the building services industry, including leadership roles in safety organizations, associations, and trade groups. Additionally, each of our branch offices has a knowledgeable, customer-service-focused staff with decades of sales and operational experience, ready to serve your needs.

Jeffery T. Valcourt


Eric Crabb

Chief Executive Officer

AJ Clark

Chief Financial Officer

Jon Capon

Chief Operating Officer

David Rodefeld

Chief Administration Officer

Nancy Jorns

Head of Human Resources

Carlos Noya

Head of Safety

James Baker

Division Manager, Waterproofing

Jason Robertson

Division Manager, Window Cleaning

JD McGrath

Division Manager, Window Cleaning

Stan Wellinsky

Division Manager, Waterproofing
New Jersey

Kevin Blasingame

Division Manager, Window Cleaning, Metal Maintenance, and Elevator Interiors

Mike Dahlquist

Division Manager, Safety Systems

Javier Chavarria

Corporate Development Manager