When your building has unexpected damage due to water infiltration, you want it fixed by someone you can trust quickly and affordably. Yet most contractors are not equipped or designed to handle all your immediate leak repair needs. ProXpress is a fully staffed department dedicated exclusively to helping property managers and building owners with rapid leak detection and repair.

ProXpress covers:

  • Leak investigation, water testing and repairs for water infiltration.
  • Minor exterior repairs for concrete, masonry, sealant, and waterproofing issues on buildings and parking structures.
  • Emergency façade safety concerns.
  • Temporarily secure cracked or broken windows.
  • Proactive planning for future projects.
  • More!

How Does the ProXpress Service Compare?

OVERVIEWStandard ProcedureProXpress
Proposal in HandsWeeksDays
Job ScheduledWeeks (after contract approval)Less than 24 Hours (after contract approval)
Pre-Job NotificationLittle or NoneMultiple Touch-Points
Day-Of CommunicationOnly if Client InitiatesAM & PM Check-In
Service Documentation & Photographic VerificationLittle or NoneYes, for ALL jobs
Post-Job Follow UpLittle or None1 Day (after job completion)
InvoicingInconsistent2-3 Days (after job completion)
1:1 Proactive PlanningNot OfferedIncluded


With over 35 years of experience maintaining building facades, we can safely, quickly, and affordably access the problem area.  We utilize the latest and safest access equipment in the industry to reach challenging locations on your building, access the issue, and make the repair.   This saves you time, headaches, and money.


We understand how important communication is to Property Managers.  That is why our process is designed to keep you informed every step of the way.  Your dedicated ProXpress Coordinator will oversee each project and communicate with you throughout. Your project will be scheduled within 24hrs of award, you will receive an appointment confirmation email, day-before service confirmation, day-of check-in, end-of-day check out, next-day customer service call, and a post-work service record documenting before and after conditions.  It is our goal to keep you informed at every stage of the process.  This allows you to effectively communicate with your tenants and building owner.


Your ProXpress Service Manager and our Technicians are trained and dedicated to identifying the problem, implementing an appropriate repair solution, documenting the existing and repaired conditions, identifying potential building concerns, and communicating this to you in our Service Record.  We aim to conduct a 1:1 review with you of the service record 24 hours after project completion.


We ensure your protection by staying compliant with the latest regulations.   Our team utilizes the industry’s best equipment with fully trained technicians to assure your protection.  Our team will communicate with our Safe Site Team to ensure we are fully aware of all required information for working on or off your roof.  If your building is not yet fully compliant with the latest regulations, we can help you with that process.


Our Service Records are designed to provide information to help you make informed decisions about potential immediate concerns and be prepared for future building maintenance issues before they become capital improvement projects.  If desired, our team can prepare a comprehensive Facade Condition Report.  The Façade Condition Report documents observable conditions (including photos) of your building and makes maintenance recommendations based upon our 35 years of experience.  This is not an engineered specification, but it is a great reference tool that can help you with planning and procurement of future work.


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