As a property manager or building owner, your time is at a premium. So, when your building needs an unexpected repair, you want it taken care of by someone you can trust, quickly and affordably. Unfortunately, most contractors aren’t equipped or designed to handle all of your immediate repair needs. So, you end up waiting for a return phone call, an estimate and finally, for a service person to show up at your property.

At Valcourt Building Services, we understand how frustrating this can be for you. That’s why we created ProXpress — a fully staffed department dedicated exclusively to minor repairs that are major hassles, including:

  • Leak investigation, water testing and repairs for water infiltration.
  • Minor exterior repairs for concrete, masonry, sealant and waterproofing issues on buildings and parking structures.
  • Emergency facade safety concerns.
  • Temporarily secure cracked or broken windows.
  • More!

We quickly respond to service requests and fix your building fast — that’s the ProXpress promise.

The PROs of ProXpress


PROmpt Service

With over 25 years of experience in accessing building facades and using rope-descent systems, we’re able to get to challenging locations on your building, most often without having to utilize suspended scaffolding or rent expensive lifts — which means faster results at a better value.

PROficient Communication

Your dedicated ProXpress Coordinator will oversee each project and communicate with you throughout the process. You will receive an appointment confirmation email and a post-work service record, so you’re informed at every stage of the process.

PROfessional Team

Your ProXpress Service Manager is dedicated to identifying the problem and appropriate repair solution. This ensures our ability to outline the upcoming work to our team and expedite deploying the appropriate service crew to your property. So no matter what you need, we’re always prepared to resolve your problems fast.


We ensure your protection by staying compliant with the latest regulations. And if you have an established relationship with Valcourt, we can share in- depth information about your property with our ProXpress team — so we’re more able to service your property safely and efficiently.

PROactive Maintenance

We can help you stay prepared with a Facade Condition Report — an annual evaluation that documents the observable conditions (including photos) of your building. For a nominal fee, you can get this must-needed reference tool that can help you plan out future work and consult with professionals.

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