Facade Restoration and Repair

Facades have a major impact on your building’s aesthetics. A well-maintained façade helps present a positive first impression of the entire property. Facades that are improperly maintained not only look unsightly; they place the structural integrity of your building at risk. For over 35 years, we have helped thousands of customers maintain their assets with facade cleanings and repairs.

Our team is highly specialized in servicing virtually every type of facade: brick, concrete, synthetic stucco, EIFS and more. And we help our customers stay ahead of their repairs with a facade conditions report. This includes an annual building survey, followed by a detailed report that identifies visible issues on your building that will need to be repaired. At Valcourt, we prevent minor issues from turning into major water infiltration problems — and that helps you extend the value of your investment.

Facade Services include Sealants/Caulking, Glazing, Concrete/Stone/Terra Cotta Repair, Elastomeric, Acrylic and other Coatings, Repointing, Through Wall Flashing and Brick Replacement, Balcony Concrete Repairs, Balcony Deck Coatings, EIFS Repair, Stucco Repair/Replacement, Facade Cleaning/Pressure Washing, Facade Condition Assessments and Emergency Leak Repairs.

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