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When it comes to accessing building facades and utilizing rope-descent systems, safety starts at the top. At Valcourt Safety Systems, our mission is to ensure that each building is equipped with facade access and fall-protection systems that achieve compliance with regulations for building owners, as well as maximum safety and operational functionality for hired contractors.

Ensuring effective and compliant rooftop safety systems requires a specialized approach, as each building has its own unique features. Therefore, a customized approach should be determined to comply with the regulations and standards and achieve maximum effectiveness. Whether that means installing new anchorages, guardrails, travel-restraint systems, or repairing existing systems to extend the value of your investment, we provide turn-key solutions for each property’s exact specifications and requirements. And all our projects are backed with the resources and expertise of Valcourt Building Services.

The Full Scope of Fall-Protection Systems



We invest the time and take the responsibility to investigate the structure of your building and propose a roof-anchor design and layout that meets the burden of all regulations and standards under the direct supervision of a licensed 3rd Party Professional Engineer and support of our in-house facade access specialists.


Using only the most highly trained technicians, our teams will follow a client-focused project-management process that is designed to make your life easier while we deliver solutions for your property.


Working with our SafeSite Advantage department, we coordinate and facilitate all post-installation testing, certification, and inspections of your new systems as required by OSHA and industry standards by using a highly qualified licensed 3rd party Professional Engineer. Learn more about Valcourt Safety Systems. 

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