Who We Are

We are Valcourt Building Services, the premier provider for waterproofing, window cleaning, and facade restoration services. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve performed tens of thousands of repairs and maintenance on the complete building envelope. So no matter what your building requires, we have the knowledge and expertise for all of your exterior maintenance needs.

Valcourt Building Services is a premier provider of restoration, waterproofing, and window cleaning services. Partnering with property owners and property managers we work to service all aspects of a building’s exterior.

The company was founded in 1986 by Jeffery T. Valcourt and has grown from a small window cleaning company serving the Washington, DC area into one of the largest exterior maintenance companies in the country. Valcourt has grown to encompass offices in multiple states and has expanded to numerous additional service lines. Valcourt’s services included SafeSite compliance, Valcourt Safety Systems, and ProXpress Rapid Response.

When you work with Valcourt, you get more than an exterior maintenance provider. You get a service partner whose goal is to protect the value of your investment and keep your building functioning successfully for many years to come. Our reputation is built on the customers we serve and the relationships we have built. That is why we never sacrifice quality in our work and will always go above and beyond what’s required in safety, service, and solutions.


We have had the opportunity to work together with the Valcourt team on multiple building envelope restorations. Their communication and responsiveness are on point and I always find their estimating of project scope to be comprehensive. These elements have consistently delivered positive project outcomes.

John Ketenbrink, LMH Architecture

I can’t say enough about the quality, detail work, on-site management, and professionalism that Valcourt provided to restore the Beach Colony Condominiums. The property looks great now—we couldn’t be more satisfied!

Fred Syzmanski—President, West Tower Homeowners Association

Our #1 priority is our residents. Their quality of life is key. We selected Valcourt because of their experience orchestrating multi-building projects while being able to significantly limit disruption to our residents and property. On top of that, their proven record of ensuring that the quality of the work would be exceptional. Our company’s satisfaction, our residents’ feedback, and completion of the project as promised made this partnership and investment a total success.

Westover Companies

Having 300 units completely renovated while the property is still 92% tenant occupied is almost unheard of. That’s why it was so important for me to bring in contractors I could trust. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the good people at Valcourt for 20 years. I know I can always count on them when it comes to safety, quality, honesty and reliability. They stand behind their work. And the project turned out great, which helped make me look good. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Joe Eisenstein, GoldOller’s Director of Facilities

Valcourt just did a wonderful job and the building looks great. We really appreciated their efforts on this project and on behalf of all of the unit owners—thanks!

John Hergenroeder—Treasurer

Valcourt has been using water fed poles at my property for several years now with great results. With all of the landscaping surrounding our building the water fed poles provide a safer and non-damaging method to clean our windows, while also limiting our liability exposure. Our tenants are very pleased!

Jeffery Nokes, Regional Portfolio Manager

Valcourt displayed a tremendous amount of expertise in analyzing the retail tenant mix at Portals I and II. Their experience was evident in their development of an operational plan that provided our retail tenants with the peace of mind that their business operations would not be disturbed during the window washing and awning cleaning services.

George Cantrell - Vice President and Managing Director

Despite the obstacles, Valcourt’s work was efficiently performed with no disruption to tenants or construction crew. Valcourt’s speed of performance and attention to detail exceeded our expectations.

Kayte Faux - Property Manager

The process was painless and the results were spectacular. The difference is night and day.

Eyvonne Johnson - Assistant Real Estate Manager

Valcourt did an excellent job educating me on the process of removing the unattractive window stains and preventing them from returning. They worked with me to develop a plan of service that increased the aesthetic quality of the building and avoided expensive window replacement.

Tina Desir - Property Manager

Valcourt’s team provided the same high quality service and solutions that we have come to expect from them. From window cleaning to compliance support, they certainly understood our needs and performed with utmost professionalism in a safe and timely manner. As a result, the appearance of our Falls Church properties have been greatly enhanced.

Edward Strittmatter - Property Manager

Valcourt treats my residents and their homes with the care and respect they deserve. Valcourt is very calculated in their approach and keeps me notified of their progress throughout every cleaning. Servicing a community of this magnitude takes an experienced company who specializes in customer service.

Kathleen Branvall - Housekeeping Manager

Without the continuous hard and dedicated work from Valcourt this year-and-a-half project would not have succeeded. I have worked in the construction environment for almost twenty years and I have never worked with such a fantastic team.

Karen Spies - Facilities Coordinator

I was very happy with the professionalism of Valcourt. The scope of work remained consistent which kept our budget in line. Their crew and service manager were very courteous to our guests and staff, and the quality of the mullions and window cleaning was very good.

Ray Bricker - Chief Engineer

Valcourt’s help throughout the process from bid to completion was outstanding. As always, their performance was nothing but first class. Valcourt’s expertise in this area is obvious. It’s always good to have a single-source company that provides a host of building services and resources to call on when the need arises.

Patricia Myler - Director of Facilities