Valcourt’s SafeSite Compliance Safety Systems is a service that is offered exclusively to our window cleaning clients and supports building owners achieve and maintain compliance with OSHA regulations and industry standards for façade access and fall protection systems. The safety compliance services include facilitating the OSHA required annual anchorage inspection for all façade access and fall protection systems with a highly qualified third party professional engineering firm.

In addition to providing compliance with OSHA’s required annual inspection, this service also includes access to a dedicated compliance and safety professional that is exclusively dedicated to providing compliance support and guidance to clients. Valcourt is the only company in the markets we serve that invests in providing a dedicated compliance and safety team focused on supporting clients, as well as Valcourt’s window cleaning crews, to achieve and maintain compliance with existing regulations and standards.

SafeSite safety compliance service clients also have access to a portal that contains all historical and current compliance documentation for each building that is on the program, as well as guidance on how to properly manage compliance requirements and educational material as it relates to safety and compliance in the industry.

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Benefits of Our SafeSite Safety Compliance Services

It is vital for commercial buildings to comply with OSHA building safety regulations in order to keep their facility employees safe from workplace hazards. Valcourt’s SafeSite Building Compliance and Safety service will begin with a complete inspection of the workplace to ensure that the environment meets OSHA regulations. This inspection will help to protect the safety of your employees, remove unnecessary workplace hazards, and ensure OSHA compliance for your building facility.

Along with the building compliance and safety inspection, by using Valcourt’s SafeSite compliance service you will have exclusive access to a dedicated building safety counselor. Our dedicated safety professional is here to help you create a safe and hazard-free workplace.

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