Valcourt_RGB_SafeSiteProgram_Horizontal_FullColorValcourt’s SafeSite Program is designed to provide comprehensive support and management of the annual OSHA requirements for building façade access and fall protection equipment/systems, including the OSHA required annual anchorage inspection by a Professional Engineer.

A True Partner

We have a dedicated, internal team of compliance experts that manage our SafeSite Program. They are involved in every aspect of the program including inspections, testing, reviews, evaluations, and ongoing consultation. This ensures you receive the highest level of support and value for your investment as well as peace of mind.

Program Plans

The SafeSite Essentials plan is available to any building with anchorages or structural building components to be utilized by hired contractors performing work at heights. Subscribers receive a core scope of services to help their building(s) comply with annual OSHA regulations pertaining to the maintenance and use of anchorages and fall protection equipment.

The SafeSite Advantage plan is only for clients with an annual window cleaning contract because the enhanced scope is specific to the service we provide; it includes bridging potential gaps in compliance, safety, and liability of the equipment/systems during the high-rise window cleaning service.

SafeSite Portal

No more sifting through emails or stacks of paper to find your compliance documents. SafeSite subscribers have access to a portal that contains all historical and current compliance documentation for each building that is on the program. With the Advantage plan, subscribers have full access to a wide array of tools and features as well. Learn more

Subscriber Benefits

It is vital for commercial buildings to mitigate the risks associated with non-compliance of OSHA regulations and industry consensus safety standards in order to ensure the safest work environment possible within building ownership/management control. Potential risks include safety incidents and injuries involving building management or hired contractors, OSHA citations and fines, potential litigation, and many other potential exposures to the building and your business. The SafeSite Program is designed to manage and support proper compliance oversight for subscribers – thus reducing the time, energy, and burden that would otherwise be imposed upon building owners and their representatives. Consult the chart below to compare plan benefits of SafeSite Advantage and SafeSite Essentials:


Plan Comparison

SafeSite EssentialsSafeSite Advantage
Dedicated program manager and team of compliance expertsYesYes
Ongoing tracking and consultation of building compliance requirementsYesYes
SafeSite-appointed and managed PE to perform all required annual engineering,
reporting, and consultations
Total management of OSHA-required annual inspections & report of anchoragesYesYes
Compliance documentation for every site in the portfolio organized and accessible
in our online management system
Annual 1:1 Compliance Review and ConsultationYesYes
Compliance Guideline WorksheetYesYes
$22 million insurance coverageYesYes
Access to all compliance reports within the SafeSite PortalYesYes
Full access to all tools and features within the SafeSite Portal (read more)Yes
Pre-service contractor compliance assurances as required by standardsYes
Coordinate pre-service OSHA-required annual written assurances for clientYes
Pre-service crew safety and compliance reviewsYes
IWCA I-14-2001-Compliant Work Plan as applicableYes
Annual Compliance & Safety Summary ReportYes
Random safety and compliance inspections of SafeSite job sitesYes
Compliance consultations for non-Valcourt hired contractors utilizing fall
protection/anchorage systems (as needed by client)
Group educational and training seminarsYes

Related Services

Load Testing & Certification

Per OSHA requirements, each building anchorage used to access the building’s façade is required to be tested and certified prior to use. OSHA also mandates that each anchorage must be re-certified every 10 years at a minimum, which includes re-testing each anchorage as a part of that process in compliance with applicable re-certification standards.

It is the responsibility of building owners and management companies to provide all hired contractors written assurances that each anchorage has been properly identified, tested, and certified prior to use.

Practical Scope Addition

As an add-on feature to the SafeSite Program, Valcourt can track where every building stands on the load testing and certification cycle to ensure proper compliance management is delivered every year.

Unlike other providers, our Testing and Certification service is turnkey to ensure accurate results and quality assurance. Our team will manage the contracting of a highly qualified PE firm to prescribe the testing procedures. That same PE firm will perform the testing and certification. Throughout the process, our SafeSite team will liaise directly with the PE to provide proper support. We will ensure testing and certification is compliant with the scope of work and conducted in a timely manner for minimal disruption to your building operations. We will also present the final certification report to you, and create any needed post certification compliance action plan based on the results of the report.

For full scope of service and benefits, please contact us.

Safety Systems

When your building requires additional anchorages or fall protection equipment, Valcourt has a division entirely dedicated to the design, installation, and support of these safety systems. With nearly 40 years of hands-on experience in façade access, we understand how to create safe and functional designs that are also compliant with all codes and standards.

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