Fall Protection Systems


Every building should be equipped with facade access and fall-protection systems that achieve compliance with regulations for building owners, as well as maximum safety and operational functionality for hired contractors.

Ensuring effective and compliant rooftop safety systems requires a specialized approach, as each building has its own unique features. Therefore, a customized approach should be determined to comply with the regulations and standards and achieve maximum effectiveness. Typically, there are three primary focal points for buildings when reviewing their fall protection needs. These include rooftop anchorages to provide safe and compliant façade access, fall protection systems to provide safety to employees and workers working on the roof, and fall protection around fall hazards on the rooftop such as mechanical and ladder areas.

Fall protection systems that Valcourt designs and installs include rooftop anchorages for use with Rope Descent Systems and Suspended Scaffolding Systems, guardrails, temporary anchorage points, snaphooks, safety net systems, warning line systems, safety monitoring systems, and travel restraint systems. Valcourt also provides design engineering services for new systems, anchorage or fall protection system repairs, ladder retrofits, and installations to comply with all current regulations and standards.

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