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Experience Every EDGE of Valcourt Safety Systems

At Valcourt Safety Systems, every façade access and fall-protection system is compliantly designed and expertly installed using nothing but the best resources available. To us, it’s not just about helping properties become safe and compliant; it’s about providing turn-key solutions that make our customers’ lives easier. Here’s how we give you the edge:
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Industry Experience


Our team has a depth of experience with expertise that is unmatched in the industry. When considering a façade access/fall protection system partner, Valcourt Safety Systems has an edge in several areas that no one else can provide. We offer a combination of two things that exceeds the capacity of our competitors; first, our deep understanding of the technical requirements established by the regulations and standards – second; our experience in installing engineered designed systems that maximizes functionality for the end user. Not only has Valcourt performed repair and maintenance services on thousands of high-rise buildings over the last 30 years, which gives us a unique perspective on the varying needs and practical shortcomings of systems for façade access and fall protection. We have also led in the development of key recognized consensus compliance and safety standards throughout the industry.

This starts with our GM, Stefan Bright. A nationally renowned compliance expert and chairman of the I-14.1-2001 standard committee, of which the prevailing OSHA regulations for Rope Descent Systems is based upon, Stefan has been instrumental in shaping best practices recognized by existing standards and regulations and worker safety culture over the past 30 years. He has also provided direct oversight in the design and installation of over a thousand safety system installations. In addition, Stefan, as Safety Director of the International Window Cleaning Association, has trained over 10,000 people in window cleaning safety and fall protection. His expertise is an invaluable resource for all Valcourt Safety System customers.

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Third-Party Accountability


Valcourt Safety System’s objective is to deliver our clients with façade access and fall protection systems that will most effectively minimize potential risks for the building owner and the workers using the system. To achieve this, and ensure that we are bringing the highest value of assurance and accountability to our clients, Valcourt has very strict standards for any professional engineering company contracted to serve as our partner for any hired projects. This includes requiring extensive successful track record of directly providing services in this space, demonstrated expertise and experience with all associated national industry standards and regulations, and a minimum of at least 20 years of experience in the specific field of roof anchorage design, testing, and certification. In addition, unlike many other safety system companies, our 3rd party engineering experts are 100% independent from Valcourt which provides our clients with the ultimate level of assurance and accountability to the project. This guarantees you receive peace of mind that your system will meet or exceed all standards and regulatory requirements without any conflicts of interest having compromised this objective. This begins by Valcourt Safety Systems ensuring that all systems have been designed by a professional engineer and certified that they meet regulatory and industry standard requirements. In addition, unlike many other installation companies, all required post installation testing and certification processes are 100% completed independently by a 3rd party engineering company with very strict standards of acceptability.

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10 Year Warranty


Valcourt Safety Systems will only install the strongest and most durable anchors available to ensure the safest work environment possible, exceeding industry standards by far. We want to provide building owners peace of mind that the likelihood of an incident related to the newly installed equipment remains as low as possible. Not only do our anchors and our installation standards reduce the risks of an incident, but also lower possible future costs of repairs or replacements of installed anchors. By providing the industry’s most durable and reliable anchors, our clients can be assured that they will thereby have the highest rate of success passing future required testing and certifications, even under the most stringent testing procedures.

To achieve this, Valcourt Safety Systems partners with an industry-leading safety equipment manufacturer to develop and provide our clients with the most durable standard anchor made. After several strategic meetings with their development, engineering, and manufacturing experts, a customized prototype was developed and tested. Before proceeding with placing these prototypes in the field and on client buildings, Valcourt decided to invest even further by having this custom equipment evaluated by a 3rd party professional engineering company. Our team wanted to be certain that our anchors would pass the most stringent post installation load testing protocols, and stand the test of time.

We back up our commitment with a ten-year warranty*. The anchors we install and our attachment methods give us confidence in offering a warranty years beyond the industry standard. Most installation companies only offer a one-year warranty that requires the installation company to directly perform all inspections, and the installation company makes the determination whether the anchor is in good working order. While Valcourt does require that the engineer of record on the installation continue to perform the OSHA required testing, certifications, and annual inspections to ensure it is under constant evaluation by a highly qualified professional engineer that is familiar with the installation, this company will always be completely independent of Valcourt and the warranty will be in effect for an initial period of 10 years†.

Valcourt Safety Systems has deeply invested in expert resources to ensure the custom anchor being provided to our clients will stand the test of time, reduce the risks of our clients, and most importantly provide a safer anchor for workers to tie their lives.

For these reasons, we are so confident in our product, our 3rd party professional engineering, and our installation, that we can provide our client’s with this proof of our confidence and added assurance.

* Conditions apply.

† A warranty extension beyond 10 years may be available under certain conditions.

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$22 Million Insurance


As an added layer of protection, Valcourt offers an industry-leading $22-milllion in insurance coverage to give our customers even more peace of mind. In fact, we are the only provider that takes legal responsibility (both by contract and by insurance coverage) for any damage that may occur to your building structure or anchorage during the installation. With life safety concerns on the line, insurance limits and coverage is a critically important factor for further peace of mind.

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Integrated Approach


Valcourt Safety Systems is fully integrated with Valcourt’s SafeSite Advantage department, which provides customers with fully dedicated compliance support.

Our SafeSite Advantage program provides a seamless transition of new information needed and actions required for managing ongoing compliance requirements with your new anchorage or fall protection system. Our SafeSite Advantage team members are ready to receive the details of your new system, and begin working on your behalf by:

  • Coordinating with the building management team and Valcourt operations teams to revise and review proper work plans to ensure optimal safety and compliance during future services
  • Train all workers on the new requirements of your system
  • Coordinate with the 3rd party professional engineering company to set a schedule for future required inspections and certifications of the system
  • Upload all of your system documentation into our custom client portal
  • Ensure that you are meeting all of your ongoing compliance documentation requirements

As an added layer of protection, Valcourt offers an industry-leading $22-milllion in insurance coverage to give our customers even more peace of mind. In fact, we are the only provider that takes legal responsibility (both by contract and by insurance coverage) for any damage that may occur to your building structure or anchorage during the installation. With life safety concerns on the line, insurance limits and coverage is a critically important factor for further peace of mind.

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Expert Project Management


Valcourt Safety Systems understands that building owners and managers have an unparalleled level of responsibility that requires a great deal of time, energy, burden and risks every day. Our goal is to limit these demands as a part of our client focused project management process. You have made the decision to invest in the safety and compliance at your building. Let us make your life a little easier during the process and give you the peace of mind you are seeking.

Given our local presence in your market, we can take a more thorough and hands on approach than our competition. Our process includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • Conducting an initial review of your current system and possible deficiencies
  • Completing an onsite consultation with the building management team to provide a detailed analysis of façade access and fall protection system needs to meet all OSHA codes and industry standards
  • Collection of all available required documentation and thorough review of the building structure
  • Coordination with Valcourt façade access specialists and the 3rd party professional engineering company to develop a plan specific to your building
  • Perform a pre-installation meeting with the building management team to ensure optimal levels of communication before the project begins
  • Coordination of installation oversight from the 3rd party professional engineering company
  • Coordination of the 3rd party professional engineering company for post installation testing and certification services
  • Coordination of all roofing repair services associated with the anchorage installation
  • Daily progress reporting via electronic communications
  • Delivering an onsite review of your system and certification report upon completion o f the installation with your team
  • Completing a thorough review of the new system with the Valcourt window cleaning and waterproofing teams that will also utilize the system to develop proper work plans to maximize safety and compliance during service.