Rittenhouse Hill Apartments

Industry: Apartments & Condominiums

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Client: Post Brothers

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Rittenhouse Hill Apartments


Rittenhouse Hill apartments are located in Philadelphia’s East Falls neighborhood. The complex boasts scenic views, green living, and a multitude of amenities. Each unit is appointed with high-end finishes, too.

However, even with its modern interior, the exterior building envelope continuously battles the aging process—signs of which can be hard to detect on the surface, until an issue arises.

And that is exactly what happened. When residents reported leaks, building management sprang into action and called ProXpress.


Taking care of its residents is of utmost importance. That’s why our client contacted ProXpress. They knew our department—dedicated to rapid building leak detection and repair—would be able to mobilize quickly, assess the damage, and make critical repairs.

Our technicians met with on-site management, where it was determined that through-wall flashing repairs were necessary in two units. Work commenced as follows:

  • ProXpress technicians removed three courses of brick, cleaned debris from wall cavity, and removed existing flashing in its entirety
  • A new sheet membrane and flashing was installed across lintel and back up the wall using a termination bar
  • End damns were installed to divert water to outside of cavity wall
  • A metal drip edge was installed to protrude out and a new vent-style weep system was installed
  • And, lastly, new brick was installed to closely match existing

Following completion of work, the ProXpress team provided our client with a Service Record containing photo documentation of all procedures performed. The Service Record also detailed additional, compromised areas in need of future monitoring or repairs.

Work Performed

  • Leak Investigation
  • Through Wall Flashing
  • Brick Replacement

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