Water's Edge at Rahway

Industry: Apartments & Condominiums

Location: 4 City Plaza, Rahway, NJ

Client: JCM Living

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Water's Edge at Rahway


The Water’s Edge at Rahway is a multi-family community with gourmet kitchens, a fitness center, a private courtyard with river views, and easy access to shops and public transportation. Community manager, JCM Living, has a reputation for superior service and high-end improvements to all its properties.

Situated along the Rahway River, many residents of Water’s Edge can enjoy views of the river from their balconies. But last fall, as residents gazed out at the changing leaves, they also noticed cracks and stains on the underside of their balconies. As soon as the property manager was notified, he knew he needed to partner with an experienced contractor that could carefully plan and coordinate repairs with minimal disruption to residents.


When our technicians arrived, they quickly got to work investigating the damage. They used a 65 ft mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) to assess the damaged stucco. At the same time, they inspected the railings and determined re-sealing was necessary for preservation.

First up, the team cut out the damaged stucco and sheathing and carefully replaced it following the manufacturer’s standard installation procedures. Next, they cut and installed a drip edge across each balcony and coated the underside to match the existing balcony. The railing post bases were then sealed at the concrete slab with polyurethane and tooled until they were neat and smooth.

When work was finished, the ProXpress team provided our client with a Service Record which included photos of all procedures performed as well as images of additional compromised areas in need of future monitoring or repair.

Work Performed

  • Balcony restoration
  • Sealant replacement
  • EIFS repair and replacement

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