40 West Park Place

Industry: Apartments & Condominiums

Location: Morristown, NJ

Client: 40 West Park Condominium Association

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40 West Park Place


Residents of 40 West Park Place condomunium live in the heart of historic “Morristown Green,” close to shops, restaurants, and just a short train ride from New York City. As one of the most prestigious addresses in Morristown, NJ, curb appeal is paramount. So, when cracks along the brickwork surfaced, the property manager couldn’t wait weeks for a quote. The façade had to be inspected and repaired quickly. That’s why she called ProXpress.


When Service Manager Carlos Sanchez and Lead Technician Hector Diaz arrived, they assessed the masonry and determined that damaged bricks needed to be replaced. In addition, cracked mortar joints required repointing to restore the integrity of the façade. The corners of openings in brick facades often experience higher stress concentrations that can crack bricks and mortar joints. Corroding lintels or horizontal reinforcing can also cause this type of cracking. These areas will be monitored to see if additional evaluation or repair is required in the future.

Upon completion, the ProXpress team provided our client with a Service Record containing photo documentation of the procedures performed. Additional areas with visible defects were also photographed and detailed including failed sealants as well as cracked/delaminated bricks.

This detailed record of the building’s masonry is a valuable tool that can be referenced in the future for budgeting and approvals of additional repairs.

Work Performed

  • Facade Repair
  • Sealant Repairs and Replacement

Services Provided

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