Glass Restoration

Most buildings will require a glass restoration service at some point during the building’s life, and typically multiple times. Over time, the condition of building windows will deteriorate due to a variety of reasons. This includes pre-cast run-off, deposits from irrigation sprinklers, acid rain, metal oxidation, among other important variables. The maintenance window cleaning schedule and frequency is an important factor in mitigating the rate of development and return of these window conditions—which develop over time. However, these conditions cannot be removed from standard maintenance window cleaning services.

These window conditions worsen over time and will become more costly to remove if the building does not address them during the early stages of development. Typically, this can cause issues when attempting to lease office space, cause tenant complaints, affect the aesthetic appeal of the building, and become increasingly more expensive to remedy.

Valcourt has developed a proprietary method of removing these window conditions that do not carry the same risks as methods deployed by other providers. Other providers utilize abrasive chemicals as their primary method to remove these conditions, which can cause damage to the windows and other building components such as window seals, building facades, and landscaping below.

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