Parking Garage Restoration

Parking structures are constantly exposed to potentially damaging contaminants. Grease, oil stains, de-icing salts, carbon, acid rain and other contaminants accumulate throughout the year — which can rapidly lead to the corrosion of reinforcing steel and severe concrete deterioration. These elements infiltrate the concrete surface and lead to advance corrosion of the steel reinforcement, cracks, and debonding within the concrete. The heavy load imposed by a large number of vehicles, wet weather, hot temperatures and extreme cold, all contribute to the damage of your garage structure.

Undertaking a parking garage restoration project can be a major disruption for your tenants and guests so we put an emphasis on planning and effective communication to minimize the impact and disruption. Every parking garage is different, so it is important to the success of the project to work with the owner/manager, engineer (if involved), and specified product manufacturers to design a repair scope that utilizes the latest technologies and is chosen specifically for your parking garage. Having a regular consistent maintenance plan designed specifically for your structure that incorporates all the various items that impact the life cycle of the garage is vital to the long-term health of a parking garage. This will eliminate the need for repeated repairs or major structural improvements.

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