Gladstone Towers

Industry: Apartments & Condominiums

Location: 223 Scottdale Road, Lansdowne, PA

Client: Westover Companies

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Gladstone Towers


Westover Companies faced a challenge of significant structural deterioration and necessary cosmetic enhancements to two of their resident-occupied buildings. A key dilemma was orchestrating a multi-disciplined project in a coordinated flow, while also maintaining occupied living space. This presented a major test of preparation, management and execution. Plus, resident satisfaction was of critical consideration during this ongoing project to ensure that the property maintained its 4- and 5-star online reviews — crucial for resident retention, as well as attracting future residents.


“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” — John Wooden. The Hall of Fame Coach would have been of like-mind for the precision that was so reliant on an accurate master plan. At Valcourt, it’s our experience that puts building owners in a relaxing place. We provide peace-of-mind with expert foresight before we ever set foot on the job site.

Every day matters when residents are potentially disrupted, so Valcourt launched into action by collaborating directly with the project’s restoration designer, Engineering Technical Consultants (ETC). The project was a significant enhancement of the property. With structural repairs to balconies, concrete restoration, and new coatings and railings — clear comprehension of (ETC’s) design plans was crucial to limit unnecessary risk for the building owner. For this project, Valcourt had the capability and experience of executing engineered plans precisely to specification. Our recommendation to use BASF / Master Protect repair and waterproofing systems provided greater value on the investment by Westover Companies.

Specifically, Valcourt was able to orchestrate and overcome the building’s limited parking with finely detailed project phases. Clear identified work zones for pedestrian safety dramatically reduce resident disruption and increased onsite safety. On a daily basis, Valcourt worked continuously and prudently while managing multiple swing stages on each building, aerial lifts, and a concrete pump-truck for select balconies. Valcourt met the original budget dedicated to the planned scope of work in just over one year.

Work Performed

  • Caulking
  • Full Balcony Remove/Replace
  • New Railings
  • Balcony Deck Coating
  • Masonry Repairs
  • Façade Coating


Services Provided

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Our #1 priority is our residents. Their quality of life is key. We selected Valcourt because of their experience orchestrating multi-building projects while being able to significantly limit disruption to our residents and property. On top of that, their proven record of ensuring that the quality of the work would be exceptional. Our company’s satisfaction, our residents’ feedback, and completion of the project as promised made this partnership and investment a total success.

Westover Companies

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