Jefferson Health, Navy Yard

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Location: 3 Crescent Dr. Philadelphia, PA

Client: CBRE

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Jefferson Health, Navy Yard


According to POLITICO, the Navy Yard is the coolest shipyard in America and one of the most successful redevelopment projects in U.S. History. Inside the walls of the Jefferson Health facility, there are fully equipped operating rooms, outpatient imaging, lab testing, and more. But outside of this immaculate facility, property managers spotted trouble. Uneven sidewalks, crumbling concrete, and damaged parking curbs needed repair. That’s when property managers turned to ProXpress for help.


When our experts at ProXpress investigated the damage, they found that deteriorated concrete and chipped curbs were not the only concern. Sealants in the sidewalk expansion joints had failed potentially due to the settling of the concrete. This settling also created trip hazards. Our team skillfully removed and replaced the broken concrete and failed sealants.

Not only did they make repairs to damaged curbs, but they also ground down uneven sidewalks for a smooth solution to this parking lot problem.

When work was finished, the ProXpress team provided our client with a Service Record which included photos of all procedures performed as well as images of additional compromised areas in need of future monitoring or repair.

Work Performed

  • Concrete Repair
  • Sealant Replacement

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