Bird Proofing

Nearly all types of building structures require some form of Bird Proofing in order to prevent, or remedy, damages and health hazards caused by the presence or nesting of various types of birds at properties. Birds such as pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and crows tend to congregate around buildings, which can cause a variety of problems for building owners and managers. This includes birds leaving buildings in very dirty conditions, causing health hazards, and causing poor building experiences for tenants, residents, employees, and clients.

Each building’s bird control solution varies, as each building is uniquely different in its structure, design, location, and the type of birds common to the area. Valcourt’s process begins with a full evaluation of each building’s unique features and current bird control problems and ends with developing a ‘Bird Control Plan’ that is specific to the building. The solutions can vary from use of bird control spikes, netting, wires, flex shock tracks, sound devices, visual deterrent devices, and other potential applications that can be utilized in each area of a building. Valcourt is a market leader in designing and installing all current bird control solutions and products.

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