Commercial Handrail Repair & Replacement

Commercial handrail Repair and Replacement may be necessary for high-rise buildings to ensure continued safety. Aesthetic changes to a buildings can also necessitate handrail replacement.

Rooftop balcony railings and commercial handrails have been subject to changing regulations with successive iterations of the codes. Valcourt specializes in accessing high rise structures where balcony railings are typically required. We have trained technicians who specialize in the removal, surface preparation and installation of balcony railing system.

Our Commercial Handrail Repair Process

Commercial buildings have seen changing regulations when it comes to handrails and rooftop balcony railings. To make your commercial building compliant with regulations, improve building safety, and improve the overall appearance of your building, it is important to invest in a commercial handrail repair and replacement service.

Valcourt specializes in reviewing the safety compliance of commercial buildings and improving the systems to meet regulations and keep workers safe. Our commercial handrail repair process begins with a complete analysis of the current safety system in place. This analysis will guide our suggestions to help improve the overall safety and security of the commercial building.

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