Metal Mullion Polishing and Sealing

Over time, the condition of metal mullions on buildings may deteriorate as they are continuously exposed to the elements – including rain, sunlight, and pollutants. If left untreated, the mullions may develop staining and the color to fade. Once these conditions on metal mullions have developed, and if they are allowed to worsen further over time, they may become ‘pitted’ and severely damaged beyond repair. As these conditions develop and worsen, they can cause the aesthetic appeal of the building’s exterior to suffer and become more costly to remedy.

It is recommended to perform a specialized polishing and sealing of the mullions when the conditions of the mullions has been observed developing these conditions, or periodically budget for this service proactively in the building’s budget. Valcourt can remove conditions that have developed on a building’s metal mullions by utilizing specialized cleaning and polishing compounds. As a part of this service, Valcourt also applies a protective coating that will bring luster back to the mullion, as well as provide further protection from the elements upon completion.

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