Structural Support: Scott Parello Employee Profile

The Valcourt Group | Mar 11, 2020
Our team is built around you.

“I love restoring old masonry buildings because it preserves the past and keeps things previous generations were tied to alive.”
— Scott Parello, Director of Operations

“I’ve been working for over 30 years in this industry—from contracting to educating and consulting in masonry/concrete restoration, historic preservation, building envelope, and waterproofing. I’ve completed hundreds of specialized projects on all kinds of buildings throughout New England, the Pacific Northwest, and Mid-Atlantic Regions — from major university buildings to state capitals, parking structures to historic landmarks dating back to the 17th century. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all those years, it’s that no two buildings are exactly alike. And it’s each building’s idiosyncrasies that continue to fuel my passion for my work.

I began my career as a mason apprentice in Boston and gradually rose through the ranks up to senior executive-level management. Over the years, I’ve helped form restoration organizations and served as a county historic landmarks commissioner, as well as serving on numerous local and national technical committees and organizations, including: ICRI, APT, SWRI, and others. One of the things I take the most pride in is helping to mentor some of the industries’ top estimators, project managers, superintendents, foremen, and craftsmen. Valcourt’s people are exceptional and I am privileged to be on the team.

When I was given the opportunity to join the Valcourt team, I jumped at the chance. The company has an amazing safety culture that starts at the top and they truly care about every employee. As the Director of Operations in Washington, D.C., I’m responsible for all day-to-day operations including safety, productivity, client satisfaction, employee development, project management, and quality control. I believe my extensive hands-on experience brings tremendous value to our clients, because it gives me the ability to look at projects from multiple angles and provide holistic solutions.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I’m also a very active member of my church and an outdoor enthusiast. The Mid-Atlantic region has some great hiking trails and I try to take advantage of that every chance I get.

My name is Scott Parello, and I’m dedicated to supporting our customers and my team to help them grow and accomplish their goals.

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