Industrial Parks

Proper maintenance of an industrial park building includes prompt leak repairs, proper fall protection equipment, consistent exterior repairs, and periodic exterior restorations. Common areas, parking structures, workspaces, storage areas, walkways, and maintenance areas all need consistent upkeep and repairs.

Water infiltration can cause a building to prematurely deteriorate, which can greatly depreciate the value of your investment. While it’s important to quickly address any leaks, it’s equally as important to understand and identify the source of the issue.

Building restoration describes the preservation, repair, and restoration of all areas of the building envelope. The ‘building envelope’ is the physical separator between the conditioned and unconditioned environment of a building. Structural damage is often found on elevated slabs, walkways, parking garages, and structural elements.

Concrete Strengthening is a safe and secure method of extending the longevity of a structure by applying strengthening systems. Over time, a structure’s purpose can change, loads can increase, building standards may evolve, or historical structures may require reinforcement.

Valcourt, working closely with our clients, carefully plans and coordinates each project to minimize disruption and ensure safe working environments. Industrial park buildings need regular exterior maintenance and restoration to avoid preventable and expensive repairs—and that helps you extend the value of your investment.

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