Kilmer Square

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Location: New Brunswick, NJ

Client: Advance Realty Group

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Kilmer Square


Located in the heart of downtown New Brunswick across from the headquarters of Johnson & Johnson, Kilmer Square is a mixed-use, class A office and retail complex.

When scheduling the normal window cleaning maintenance, the property’s owner asked our customer service manager if we could clean and restore the 27 awnings located above all the retail stores. We were glad to start providing this additional service for Advance Realty Group, a Valcourt client for over 12 years.

Since the awnings cover multiple entrances into the stores, the challenge facing Valcourt was to be able to perform the professional awning cleaning and restoration work so as not to disrupt the retailers’ customers—which limited the time when work could be done. Removing the tough stains and mildew off of the awnings after many years of build- up was another challenge we faced.


Valcourt is always sensitive to potential disruptions that work may have on our clients’ customers, tenants, or residents. To accommodate retailers at Kilmer Square, we worked around normal store hours to get all of the 27 awnings cleaned and restored. Multiple trips were taken by Valcourt to Kilmer Square to complete the work during early morning, evening, and even weekend hours.

The fabric-based awnings required us to use special cleaning materials so as not to damage or discolor the material. This innovative process, as part of our awning maintenance program, removed deeply embedded soil, grime, bird droppings, pollution and other harsh hazards—dramatically revitalizing the awnings’ appearance and extending their lifespan.

Work Performed:

  • Awning Cleaning/Restoration

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