Industrial-Office Facility

Industry: Facilities

Location: Clifton, NJ

Client: Jones Lang LaSalle

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Industrial-Office Facility


This mixed-use facility in Clifton, NJ, is managed by a leading global real estate services company. As a class B industrial building, it provides both industrial and office space. Tenants include local businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies.

For the property manager, catering to the varying needs of each tenant is a juggling act. But some issues affect them all equally—especially those concerning the building envelope. So, when water leaked in through gaps in the brickwork, our client knew she had to drop everything and act fast!


After discussing and awarding the project to our ProXpress division, our team mobilized quickly to assess the damage and make critical repairs. Technicians accessed the working surfaces where leaks were reported using a 65-foot mobile elevating work platform (MEWP). The source of water intrusion was determined to be joint failure in the brick façade. To stop leaks and prevent further erosion, our team proceeded to remove and replace deteriorated brick-to-brick sealant joints.

Following completion of work, the ProXpress team provided our client with a Service Record containing photo documentation of the procedures performed. Additional areas with visible defects were also photographed and detailed including failed sealants, displaced mortar joints, and compromised window lintels.

Armed with this valuable information, the property manager can help prevent future leaks and budget for recommended repairs—which include additional joint sealing, brick repointing, and through wall flashing maintenance.

Work Performed

  • Leak Investigation
  • Sealant Replacement

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