Oak Crest Retirement Community

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Baltimore, MD

Client: Erickson Retirement Communities

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Oak Crest Retirement Community


Oak Crest is a campus-style retirement community with over 88 acres of resident housing, beautiful manicured landscaped areas, gathering facilities, and an onsite medical center. Since a retirement facility’s residents are often home during the day, a carefully planned schedule of repair work must be communicated to the client who then keeps residents informed. Responding to special requests by the residents or changes in schedule from the facility coordinator must be dealt with on a real-time basis.

In addition, given the nature of some of the work performed at Oak Crest such as masonry repairs, excessive noise would be heard at times. In cases like these, modifying the work hours within specific parameters for the retirement community makes the completion of these types of projects extremely complicated.


Valcourt worked with Oak Crest’s Facilities Coordinator to create a comprehensive schedule for waterproofing and restoration services. This included the areas and types of work to be performed and sequenced the schedule of services to minimize the impact to the residents. Valcourt assigned a dedicated superintendent and crew who successfully dealt with the changing schedules and special resident requests.

As work took place over two years, Oak Crest residents became very comfortable with the Valcourt Superintendent and crew. Proactive communication was in large part responsible for virtually no complaints at Oak Crest during the two-year project. Valcourt kept work areas clean, had all employees in easily identifiable uniforms, and employed protective measures that prevented any damage to the meticulously landscaped areas throughout the community. Valcourt realizes that it’s the little things and the teamwork that makes for a successful, smooth-running project at a retirement community like Oak Crest.

Work Performed

  • Through-Wall Flashing
  • Caulking
  • Glazing
  • EFIS Removal and Replacement
  • EFIS Coatings and Balcony Coating

Services Provided

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Without the continuous hard and dedicated work from Valcourt this year-and-a-half project would not have succeeded. I have worked in the construction environment for almost twenty years and I have never worked with such a fantastic team.

Karen Spies - Facilities Coordinator

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