Park 80 West Parking Garage

Industry: Parking Structures

Location: Saddle Brook, NJ

Client: CBRE

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Park 80 West Parking Garage


When CBRE took over the Park 80 West complex they reached out to Valcourt to ensure their parking structures were safe and well-maintained. As Roseann Smith, Senior Real Estate Manager of CBRE explained, “Their knowledge of the product and the installation combined with their familiarity with the property were major factors in selecting Valcourt for parking garage project of this size and scope.”

Park 80 West in Saddle Brook, NJ has two office buildings with two correlating parking structures. Plaza I has a 75,000 square foot parking garage fit with three levels and 649 spaces. Its peer, the Plaza II, is an 110,000 square foot parking structure, with three levels, and 958 spaces. With all of that real estate came correlating problems to go with it.

Over the course of a fairly short eight month window, Valcourt had the the task of repairing and renovating these two parking garages that were in need of attention while they were still fully operational, with around 90 percent occupancy. A complicated project to start was marred even further with the hurdle of working around tenants parking in the space.


The first phase of the project was to address the 12-15 year old waterproof coating on the top level of both parking structures. According to Stan Wellinsky, Vice President of Valcourt, this recoating should be done every 5 years.

As a result of the worn out coating, numerous concrete spalls, cracks in the concrete, and severe water filtration took place. Before any other part of the project could commence, these deficiencies would need to be addressed

When the repairs and the recoating of the exposed level was finished, the next phase of repairs focused on the concrete on the mid-levels of the garages. Due to the age of the structure and the extreme exposure to the elements along with the deicing salts used on the New Jersey roadways there was significant cracking to the surface, delaminating and spalling concrete. Working with concrete has a unique set of challenges. By doing a thorough evaluation prior to starting the project, Valcourt was able to minimize any unforeseen issues while repairing the concrete on the mid levels.

With any large project there can be issues that develop. Having the correct team working together is key to assure everyone is pulling in the same direction to solve the problem and not point fingers. “An open line of communication is the most important thing in order to make projects run smoothly,” according to Roseann, “and Valcourt was on top of everything from start to finish.”

When it was discovered that there was a bonding issue with the coating in some of the drive lanes Valcourt worked closely with all the parties involved to determine the cause and quickly developed a solution to assure that CBRE’s property was correctly repaired.

After successfully maneuvering a large property, filled with tenants, and a daunting task at hand, Valcourt completed their service as promised — successfully repairing and restoring Park 80 West.

“For any building owner to realize that just because it’s a big piece of concrete outside of your building and people park on it, you do have to maintain it. If you don’t maintain it, you end up having to spend real capital dollars to repair it. The costs only go up when it comes to parking garages.”

— Stan Wellinsky, Vice President of Valcourt Building Services

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Concrete Spall & Crack Repair, Traffic-bearing Waterproofing Membrane Repair, and Restriping Parking Spaces

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