Virginia Credit Union Corporate Headquarters

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Location: Richmond, VA

Client: Virginia Credit Union

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Virginia Credit Union Corporate Headquarters


The Virginia Credit Union’s corporate headquarters facility consists of 117,000 square feet of banking and office space on 18 acres of land. Located within the bustling Boulders Office Park just south of Richmond, Virginia, this three-story facility includes a large glass dome on the roof, square columns, and plenty of glass and metal.

The property was overdue for a complete exterior cleaning given the near permanent, deep staining of the building’s façade and walkways from years of water runoff, foot traffic and air pollution. If not addressed, this could have lead to a much more costly façade restoration.


Working in conjunction with onsite facility staff and engineers, Valcourt identified areas of the building’s exterior façade that needed pressure washing due to a variety of causes including mildew, rust, mineral deposits, grime, oils, and grease stains that had built up over time. Areas that needed immediate attention included the precast and stone on the façade, as well as the ground level walkways with pavers. Each area contained different types and levels of staining, to which our expert team matched the appropriate equipment, cleaning solutions, and procedures to complete the work safely and thoroughly.

Valcourt performed a complete pressure washing of all areas from grade to the roof of the building. A thorough window washing, removing the remaining loose dirt and light stains, was completed directly after the façade and ground pressure washing. Valcourt’s expertise in innovative, safe rigging of access equipment allowed our operations team to overcome building access obstacles and create a plan to safely complete the work and not damage the building in any way.

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