Deck Coatings

Deck Coatings describe a specialized protective layer applied to the horizontal surfaces of building components such as balconies, parking garages, terraces, and walkways. They are specifically designed to protect against the elements including moisture infiltration, chemical attack, pedestrian traffic, and vehicular traffic.

The requirement to apply deck coatings varies greatly from project to project so Valcourt works closely with each owner and manager to understand their specific desired goal. Valcourt then partners with the best suited manufacturer to design and implement a long-lasting deck coating that will achieve the project goals. Our technicians are specifically trained in the application of the specified deck coating for that given project. It is important for them to fully understand the details required for proper preparation of the substrate and the application of the deck coating system.

Proper application of deck coatings by trained technicians can prolong the life of a structure and improve the effectiveness of the surfaces. Deck coatings applied in high traffic areas—can protect the underlying surface and reduce long-term costs for repair and maintenance.

Deck coatings can include light-reflective material, slip-resistant properties, chemical resistance, and protection against thermal expansion and contraction. Deck coatings can be classified as pedestrian coatings, vehicular coatings, specialty coatings, under tile systems, and primers.

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