Traffic Coatings

Traffic Coatings describes a specialized protective layer applied to the surface of concrete for vehicular or pedestrian areas. The main purpose of these products is to protect surfaces against moisture and chemical intrusion and the resulting deterioration they cause. Parking garages, plaza decks, balconies, and walkways are typical building elements where traffic coatings are installed to protect from wear and tear by vehicles and pedestrians.

Proper application of traffic coatings by trained technicians can prolong the life of a structure and improve the effectiveness of the surface. Traffic coatings—especially in high traffic areas—can protect the concrete and reduce long-term costs for repair and maintenance.

Traffic coatings can also include light-reflective material, slip-resistant properties, chemical resistance, and protection against thermal expansion and contraction. Traffic coatings can be classified as pedestrian coatings, vehicular coatings, specialty coatings, under tile systems, and primers.

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