Post-Tension Repair

Post-tensioning, sometimes referred to as ‘PT’, is one of the most advanced and efficient technologies used to reinforce concrete in structures. Post-tensioning tendons, which are steel cables inside plastic sleeves, are placed in forms before the concrete is poured. Once the concrete has gained strength—but before the service loads are applied—the cables are pulled tight, called ‘tensioned’, and then anchored.

Post tensioning cables can fail or be damaged over time through continued exposure to water infiltration that causes oxidation(rust) of the post tensioning tendons reducing the overall strength of the structure. If left unrepaired this continued degradation can lead to collapse of the structure.

The forces contained within post-tensioning tendons demand a high level of technical knowledge and skill to ensure the safety of employees and the structure. We have crew members certified by the Post Tensioning Institute who has established stringent technical guidelines and quality standards for field repair procedures.

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