Plaza Deck Repair and Maintenance

A plaza deck is a concrete slab that often functions as both a floor and a roof. This makes it subject to some of the harshest conditions of any system within the building envelope. Weather, moisture, thermal effects and pedestrian/automobile traffic can lead to rapid deterioration. In addition, plaza decks are typically installed over occupied space or areas intolerable to water infiltration — so proper waterproofing and drainage is critical to any plaza deck system.

At Valcourt, we know the impact that undertaking a plaza deck restoration project can have on the owners, tenants, guest and public and we take all of that into consideration before the project begins. We have decades of experience in performing plaza deck repairs and maintenance which gives us a wealth of knowledge to draw from when planning out the best way to execute the project. We fully understand the importance of effective communication to ensure everyone understands ‘what’ is happening and ‘when’ to minimize the overall impact. As important as it is to have an effective plan, it is equally as important to have a high level of detail while performing the work itself. Our technicians are trained to fully understand what it takes to properly prepare the surface, make the required repairs and install the right waterproofing and drainage system. Once the new waterproofing has been installed and tested it is time to replace the finishes that everyone can see, these can include, pavers, concrete slabs and sidewalks, planters, wood decks, and gazebos.

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