Second High Reservoir: Expansion Joint Repair and Urethane Injection

The Valcourt Group | Apr 03, 2024

The Challenge

Located in Washington, DC., Second High Reservoir is a key component of the Washington Aqueduct, a water treatment and supply system that provides safe drinking water to roughly one million people in the DC area. Built in 1931, Second High Reservoir is a subsurface structure that is 24 feet deep and has a capacity of 15 million gallons.  

However, it was discovered that there was a considerable amount of water leaking both in and out of the tank. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the entity that owns and operates the Washington Aqueduct, had no choice but to open a bidding process to repair and reseal the expansion joints inside the tank.  

Superior Grouting & Restoration Services (SGS) partnered with Norair Engineering Corp. to submit a bid. The pair won the contract with SGS as the grouting and concrete restoration subcontractor. 

The initial challenge SGS experienced was access— over 30 technicians were needed in the tank simultaneously. To ensure safe working conditions, SGS thoroughly planned and coordinated with all workers on site. 

The Solution

Once the project was underway, it was discovered that the on-site generator was not sufficient to operate all the tools and equipment. To remedy this, SGS supplied three of their own generators. 

Another difficulty was fighting off condensation where areas had been dried. It was a constant battle due to the substantial amount of water leaching into the tank. 

Ultimately, SGS completed over 23,000 linear feet of expansion joint repair, 12,000 linear feet of urethane injection, and overhead concrete spall repairs. The project was completed in 75 days— surpassing the deadline by one week— demonstrating the unwavering dedication of the SGS team.  

All parties involved, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, their inspectors, and general contractor inspectors gave a resounding stamp of approval proving SGS’s success. As further evidence of the project’s success, SGS is now under contract for an even larger project with the client.  

Work Performed: 

  • Expansion Joint Repair 
  • Urethane Injection 
  • Concrete Spall Repairs 

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